A Sign In The Sky

I attended the LA event with a friend and was impressed with the experience. Thank you Rebecca for opening yourself up to all of us, teaching and helping our guides touch us.

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Missed Event But Not the Connection

I have been waiting to see Rebecca in Omaha for almost two years now. The first time I missed out because all of the small groups sold out then this large audience event I also missed. I paid for my ticket but had a personal issue with that stopped me.

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Our Angel's Birthday Party

Hi Rebecca,

I had to share our angel’s birthday party with you!
I had a reading with you last Wednesday, and Sunday was Lauren’s birthday party in Michigan. We celebrate her birthday every year and have since she passed in 2000.

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Heart Shaped Stone

I would like to thank you so very much for our free 30 minute reading. It was every bit of what we hoped it would be – and more. Although I credit Cole or orchestrating it 😉 we thank Rebecca and the team so much for allowing us to hear from our dearly missed Cole.

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No Coincidences

This message came in response to an email from my team stating that the first 45 minutes of the Large Audience Event recording didn’t record. Attempts to recover the missing material were to no avail. 
Thank you so much for following through to me with this email.

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A Special Validation

I thought you would enjoy this validation I received about 2 years after my husband’s death. I was sitting at a light telling him all that he was missing with his son and this is what I saw.

His name was Ed.

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Validation from the Angels

I have all of your books and they are the tools I use on my path to connecting with guides and spirit. I travel all the time for work so your books travel with me.

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Another Amazing Book

I just finished reading your book, What the Dead Have Taught Me About Living Well and wanted to thank you for writing another amazing book.

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Messages from Team Spirit

I devour every blog writing you share and wanted to tell you of two signs I recently received that I believe are from my Team Spirit.
As a relatively young breast cancer survivor, I still have my up and down days three years out.

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There is guidance and encouragement all around us. Have you experienced a connection with Spirit? Care to share your story? I’d love to hear from you.

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