Tools for Living a Full Life

I love your new book, What the Dead Have Taught Me About Living Well, because first and foremost, I felt you were being real, honest and authentic, discussing your (private) world and showing us that even when you have the (super) talent to connect and communicate/understand the

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"Grandma Bird"

Here’s a sign I received daily for a couple of years. I wish it would happen again.

After the first reading I had with Rebecca, she had told me that my precious Grandma Pearl was showing her a bird. She called it “Grandma Bird”.

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A Tremendous Happening

I just had the most profound experience. When I was recently in a reading with Rebecca, she kept seeing all these floating things to my right. She thought it was very cool. I just came home from Target with my son. He is on his way to an appointment and then back to Boulder.

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Tuning In and Getting Grounded

I was very excited when I read that you were offering a free month of Inner Circle in May. I watched season 1 of your show and really admired your gentle and caring approach to mediumship.

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Divine Synchronicity with a Lady Bug

Rebecca, I recently participated in a small group reading with you.
During the reading, I mentioned that my maternal grandmother recently passed away. You asked me if a sign of ladybug meant anything to me and I said no.

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Ask for Divine Guidance and Surrender

Rebecca did a phone session with an old friend of mine who had lost her son.  I found it incredibly accurate and amazing, so when Rebecca was scheduled to come to Seattle, I planned to go, as did my old friend, but it was cancelled.

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There is guidance and encouragement all around us. Have you experienced a connection with Spirit? Care to share your story? I’d love to hear from you.

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