Over the years, Spirit has shown me that that the Afterlife is organized into different levels, or “planes”… a spiritual hierarchy of sorts. This is where your spiritual support system is, or “Team Spirit” as I call them.

The Visualization you see here was inspired by these teachings and the Tree of Life, a central symbol in Kabbalah or Jewish mysticism. It also serves as a metaphor for spiritual awakening. It begins with the lowest level, or Earth Plane, which is where you and I are right now. From there, it works up through the different levels of spiritual evolution, from Deceased Loved Ones to Guides, Angels, and finally Divine Essence or God.


If you’re curious to explore further, take a look at the more detailed descriptions of each Level below. You can also visit the FAQ page or learn more in my book, Awaken the Spirit Within.

Level 1: Earth Plane

  • Humanity, “Earth Angels”, Ground Crew are the people in your life that act as your support system.

Level 2: Astral Plane

  • Deceased Loved Ones check in on us, giving us signs of their presence.
  • Our Personal Spirit Guides are a higher version of ourselves and stay with us for life.
  • Gatekeepers act like bodyguards, monitoring the spirits around us.
  • Visiting Spirit Guides come and go based on the “assignment” they’re working on with us.

Level 3: Upper Astral Plane

  • Soul Guides help us chart our soul’s purpose in this lifetime.
  • The Council is made up of 3-12 advanced souls who act as our advisory board in this lifetime and conduct a life review at death.

Level 4: Higher Heavens

  • Ascended Masters are enlightened souls who, while on earth, acted as healers, teachers and prophets, each with an area of expertise.
  • Angels are God’s messengers of love sent to comfort us in times of need.
  • Everyone has a Guardian Angel who watches over them from birth to death.
  • Archangels are God’s MVP’s, overseeing all orders of Angels.

Divine Essence or God

Our ultimate goal is to return back to this place of Oneness and unconditional love.