A quick note to let you know that your knowing validates so profoundly what I know but need to have reflected back to me, again and again.

I often turn to your blog when I have trouble holding my true vibration and poof, I get what I need, and most often I knew it already, but needed the reminder.

I saw you years ago in a group reading in Los Angeles and my friend did a private session with you that we still talk about.

With a background in sound healing, Biofield Tuning, among other things, I am particularly sensitive to energy.

The B Haven Story hit that note for me just now, not because I am a mom but because I had finally felt peace and release about some life long struggles and then last night I let someone’s energy effect me, and I needed a reset.

I cried at the end, ahhhhh, felt better and I will follow up with more connection with Spirit.

My life is on the precipice of a huge shift I have intensely worked at for many years, and I am claiming it.

Thanks, you help people in many ways that you never know.  May the dance of the sun and moon bring beautiful harvests you never saw coming.

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