I have all of your books and they are the tools I use on my path to connecting with guides and spirit. I travel all the time for work so your books travel with me. A few months ago I really started connecting to archangels with the help of your book “Awaken the Spirit Within”. I always viewed archangels as pure light, not the winged angels we see everywhere. Not too long ago I returned from a trip and took your books out of my suitcase. Using them daily and bringing them with always there are needless to say “well worn”. When I took the “Spirited” book out of my suitcase it had new markings on it, a pair of wings after the title. I don’t know what they rubbed against in my suitcase but there they were. I took this as a sign that the angels are with me ┬ádaily.

This book will be with me always and forever. Thanks for all your guidance and help through your books, you have helped me know than you will ever know.

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