Dear Rebecca,

I participated in one of your your small group readings .  I wanted to express my deepest gratitude and thanks for channeling my Dad. Sharing your gift with us, brought I know me, the biggest gift(s) I have really ever received. I know my Dad and I are kindred spirits and I very much loved and appreciated the person he was but also the soul he has always been. I knew his spirit would thrive once free of his physical confines and to receive validation of that was such a balm to my soul.

I loved seeing you notice his beautiful, playful, joyful, yet wise energy! When I heard you give that description, I knew you were very much experiencing him.  You were so right in that upon re-listening to the recording, we pick up on SO MANY additional messages. I felt like my Dad was coming through in so many instances even during others readings and all I could do inside my head was profusely thank my Dad for so vibrantly coming through.

Several times during the years, months and weeks leading up to his passing, he and I would discuss us connecting once he passed.  He would always say, “Angel, if I am able and if it is possible, I will connect with you”. I would always reply with, “it IS possible Dad. We just need to set up some signs between us”. Then he and I decided that if and when I hear either “What a Wonderful World” or “Somewhere over the Rainbow” that would be him. And back in December 2015, I had for the first time, come across the cover by the Hawaiian artist, “Iz” in which he compiled both songs into one and I flipped out with excitement and sent it to my Dad, which he loved. When you brought up “Iz” and that song compilation, my heart burst out of my chest as I have been hearing that song compilation, as well as both full versions of each of those songs sung by “Iz”, as well as, select times when the actual Louie Armstrong version plays and this is on a Pandora station that is not an oldies station. The frequency of the delivery of these songs since he passed is something even my husband has commented on.

When you mentioned that he said, “this is all over my head, but I love it and I believe”, that is exactly how he would phrase his words and express himself around all of this, as in his physical form, he was skeptical. I knew that once he was in pure spirit form, that he would “get it”.  Gosh, I could go on and on regarding how mind blowing this experience was.

The messages I received from him through you, were so on point, as well as, being validating regarding my own path ahead. This experience was so uplifting, inspiring, heart opening and spiritually awakening. I have always considered myself a very spiritual person but this experience has opened things inside me I didn’t know were even there. The ability for all of us to connect with spirit of our passed loved ones, our guides and angels is such a comforting feeling and I look forward to continue to learn how to further cultivate my connections and communications with my angels, guides and of course, continuing conversing with my sweet, sweet Father.

I just joined your inner circle as an annual member and would also like to thank you for offering and sharing such wonderful resources and education. LOVE your membership site! Easy navigation and locked and loaded with so much information! I’m really looking forward to learning and applying the tools to enhance my connection with spirit.

I sincerely thank you again, Rebecca and wish you all the best with EVERYTHING. Sending my love, light and blessings your way always.

With Gratitude,


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