You are Rebecca Rosen (RR)….I’m Bonnie B. (BB)
We are both the same age and Jewish
Our father’s both have the same name.
Your grandma’s name,  and my paternal grandma both have the same name, Ruth.
Your dad’s side suffered from depression and my dad’s side suffered from depression as well.
We both have children with the same name.
After reading your books there were more and more other weird similarities between us….but with that being said, all these “coincidences” seemed too bizarre and as you say, there are no “real” coincidences in life. So with that being said, I figured it was worth hearing what you had to say several years ago…and have been following ever since. So from the bottom of my heart… THANK YOU for continuing to educate, inspire and enlighten us all!  And wishing you much love, light and happiness with your own spiritual journey too!

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