I love your new book, What the Dead Have Taught Me About Living Well, because first and foremost, I felt you were being real, honest and authentic, discussing your (private) world and showing us that even when you have the (super) talent to connect and communicate/understand the meaning of life, you also go through the same crazy day to day experiences we all face between work, family and juggling life.  And while it’s okay from time to time to question the signs and what you experience, if you keep an open mind and heart, things do eventually flow the way they are supposed to.

I have definitely been able to “feel” spirit’s energy waves in/around me when I think about certain people or topics and the more I believe/trust what’s going on, the stronger I can “feel” them.  While I still believe I have a long way to go to “hear” and “see”, I love receiving all the other signs you discuss when I need to see them the most (111, 777, a feather where it shouldn’t be, a penny when I feel I will see a penny where I’m at…)  So while I still feel like a young amatuer when it comes to this game of “Spirit Charades”, your book continues to give me confidence that we all have it within us to connect and work with our Team Spirit for our highest good.

As always, between your book and your Inner Circle (and especially your Q&As), thank you for continuing to provide us with insights, tools and resources so we all can live life to its fullest.

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