The only thing I can say right now is that I am in a great amount of awe. [After seeing you on The Dr. Oz Show, I] ordered your book Awaken the Spirit Within.

My favorite number is and always has been 4. I noticed my calendar the day you appeared on the show, it was 4/4/14.

I have been reading your book and it is, in a word, amazing. I am 62 years old and I am in a very tough time in my life. I am writing this because of many of the feelings that have come up since starting on the journey through your book. I am meditating and speaking the mantra “I Am That I Am”. I am a designer and yesterday morning I made a graphic for it.


Tom’s design


I was reading further into your book just minutes ago when I read the little paragraph in Step 3 about 11:11. You mention that this is “one of the rather quirky ways in which our spirit and angelic guides wink at us”. After finishing that chapter, Step 3, and pausing a minute to take it all in, I went back to my computer to check something. At the right hand bottom of my computer screen is the time clock. It read 11:11.

I yelled out loud, was overwhelmed and then immediately burst into tears with the amazing and powerful coincidence. And now, this is God’s truth. I was looking at the clock that said 11:11 and after a couple of seconds it read 11:10. I have never seen a clock go backwards, but this one time in my 62 year life, it went backwards one minute. It was as if some angel forced that clock to say 11:11 so I would see it when I glanced at it. I am not making this up…..and a while later it went to 11:12. I then realized that another reason 11:11 is powerful for me personally is that [again,] my favorite chosen number is 4….1+1+1+1.

There is some amazing stuff going on right now. I will read your book and then read it again.

Thank you for coming into my life….I have work to do but I know I have help.

Keep doing your great work.

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