Dear Rebecca –

At the Small Group Reading, the spirit of my friend Retta came through.  She said I would know she was around because she would mess with thermostats.  Well, I hadn’t noticed anything like that.  I drove to Albuquerque after the reading and stopped in Santa Fe for dinner.  At a large restaurant, after the sun had set and it was getting chilly enough that I put on a sweater, I was seated immediately (as a single) at a table facing the hall where the thermostat was located.  Mind you, there were crowds out the door waiting to be seated.  As I waited for my meal, I saw a red-faced server in obvious distress, pulling at his collar, grab the manager and ask him something.  The manager went immediately to the thermostat, which was locked, unlocked it, and reduced the temperature.  The cool air washed over us all, giving us and the server relief.  I laughed.

This is definitely Retta’s sense of humor!

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