Almost 3 years ago, I lost 2 siblings, only months apart. Both had autoimmune diseases and a DNR in place. It was my youngest brother.and my older sister. They both died of pneumonia, untreated, because of the DNR.

My little brother had an NDE. He described to me,as is common, the peace, joy, and light awaiting us. He assured me that mundane things we all worry about, like passing an exam, wanting a particular car, etc., are all irrelevant. He told me that’s it’s all about love, and how we behave and care for one another. A few days later, an older brother called to tell me Phil “just didn’t wake up this morning.” He died at home, as per his wishes.

My sister and I, she so sick, and both of us so grief stricken,discussed the afterlife. Both of us had/have strong faith in God and in the beyond, but we are also known to be somewhat irreverent. Jokingly, we agreed to send the other a signal from the other side, I asked her what I should send, should I be first, and she admitted to wanting a particular piece of pottery to appear. She then asked what I would like to see and I said: “Surprise me!”

Days later, I got the same call from the same older brother that she had gone, too. Naturally, I had forgotten all about our little joke, and tried to relieve my anguish by remembering what our little brother had said about all the peace and joy and love awaiting us.

About 2 months after my brother passed on, I was sitting in the yard, playing with my grandson, when an eagle, not something you often see here in suburban lower Michigan, flew overhead, so low, so slowly, and with the biggest wingspan I had ever seen. We both stopped and watched silently as it made it’s way north, towards the part of the state my brother had once lived, 300 miles away. The Eagles were his favorite band, and “On Eagles Wings” is my favorite hymn. I was filled with such, peace, and yes, joy, and I will never forget it

Fast forward a few months, just like the space between each sibling’s death, and I heard from my sister. She did, indeed, “surprise me!”

About 3 YEARS earlier, we had a transformer blow in my neighborhood, and were without power for days. When it happened, the noise was deafening, and my built in microwave door blew open, the handle cracked, and It never worked again. I replaced it with a counter top model soon after. Problem solved.  

One typical day, after running errands, meeting obligations, etc., I came home and walked past the kitchen where the LED light on the broken microwave was scrolling a message! It prompted me to set the clock, change the settings, etc. I followed through, and the old microwave I had replaced three years earlier, has been working beautifully ever since!


My reaction this time was pure joy, and laughter. I laughed maniacally, until I cried. Patty was such a character, this “signal” was exactly that, in LED signal form.

I’m so grateful, and so at peace, and know now that I only grieve for myself, and because their presence is no longer in my life. I cherish the love we shared, the good (and bad) times, and my strong believe that we we will all be together again, in God’s time.

Thank you for the work you do, thank you for sharing your gift, and thank you for allowing me to share my experiences.

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