Rebecca, I have to say the most bizarre thing happened during today’s reading while I was at your office. I have to share because its incredible and I have goosebumps that won’t go away!

I was the blonde who is considering IVF and living in fear of dying young and leaving my babies behind (much like what happened with my parents leaving me). You were talking to another woman who happens to be remodeling her house and you mentioned that they should watch for flooding from outside irrigation. We just bought a new house and are in the process of remodeling as well & while I had my phone off at the small group, I had missed calls from our new neighbors. Our irrigation system turned on last night and never shut off! Flooding all throughout our front lawn & into the streets. No one could get a hold of us and they were thinking of calling the city, etc etc. My husband was finally able to go by… and he also mentioned that prior to hearing about the flooding while I was busy with you, he was visiting a job site (he’s an architect) and was bombarded with YELLOW butterflies. His coworker even mentioned one that wouldn’t stop swarming around his face. You mentioned yellow butterflies and I have long associated my mother with those.
They are slapping us in the face with signs, which is their way of showing us everything is going to be ok-pay attention 🙂 My faith is growing stronger and this life is much more peaceful because of it. I’m reading Spirited right now & trying to tap into my own intuition.
All of these crazy signs just during the two hours I was at the reading. Simply amazing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your gift.
Thank you!

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