Hi, Rebecca,

I attended your group reading in Las Vegas recently. I wanted to thank you again for such a profound and life-changing experience. During the reading, you connected with Dan, my boyfriend that I lost 16 years ago to lung cancer. The details you provided gave me undeniable proof that he is with me. The night of the reading was one of the most challenging I’ve had since his passing. It seems that the old wound of loosing him physically was reopened while at the same time being healed because I’d been made aware of his presence and my spiritual connection with him. It took some time and many, many tears to process, but I can say that now I go into each day with a renewed sense of peace and a confidence that I’m not alone.
Your email asked that tell you what inspired me to learn about unlocking spirit. Well, I began my journey years ago when I was suffering from and had been diagnosed with clinical depression and a mood disorder. I was never very religious. I just couldn’t connect with organized religion for various reasons. But something about spirituality gave me hope. My interest actually started with quantum physics and the explanation of energy and phenomena that modern science couldn’t explain. Strangely enough, it was through physics that I learned to deal with the chemistry of my brain. Knowing that there was an answer for the unknown and that the unknown was spirit opened up a whole new world for me. Over the years, I’d done work with channeling, hypnotherapy, even Ayahuasca ceremonies. All provided even more validation of this little known spirit world. Now, I would like to think that I am fully immersed in my understanding of spirit and how it can provide answers to things that challenge me in everyday life. I’ve often said that I must find a balance between the spirit world and the physical one. Truth be known, I’d much rather be in the spirit world, but since that option is not yet available to me, I’ll make the best of this one until it’s my time. As I said to you that day after the reading, your book Awaken the Spirit Within, changed my life. It brought peace and comfort to an uncertain world, and moving forward, it will be my bible for how I react to and interact with the world around me. Thank you for that gift.

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