I cannot thank you enough for today.  I am still in awe of your amazing gift and what transpired during the reading today.  You have helped me immensely.

My past year was spent helping and caring for my wonderful mother who was truly my soul mate.  I believe we have more than one.  I have actually helped her with her health issues for years, but the past year was the heaviest load in this regard.  The issue started last September.  Her left leg was bowing inward at the knee at about a 24 degree angle.  After trying to save her leg from fracturing due to the bowing caused by her rheumatoid disease, her surgeon replaced her left knee last December.  The prosthetic became infected, was removed, was replaced and that new one also became infected.  All of this occurred from January to May and that is the short and sweet version.  In May, the choice became an amputation that had poor chance of properly healing or hospice with the eventual septic joint becoming systemic sepsis.  Mom chose hospice.  I cared for her in her home along with the Denver Hospice angels until she died on July 29th.  I know I did everything I could for her and more, but she deserved a better less painful life and ending.  She was a beautiful, graceful spirit who rarely complained and was full of love for pretty much everyone in the world.  She was loved by many and is truly missed.

I have not felt her since she passed which has been difficult for me not only because we were so close, but also because I try very hard to be open and listen.  Mom was always very spiritual and passed those beliefs on to me.  Whatever happened today in the opening meditation was like a lock opening up.  I don’t know why I was crying before anything even started, but I could not stop the tears, they just came in a steady stream.  Then your reading was so insightful and confirmed everything I already believe and knew in my heart.  I think it’s just been trapped in my grief.  I think I am so exhausted and trying to heal that I haven’t been able to be open and feel.  I am blessed to have had the opportunity to meet you and have this reading today.  Thank you for sharing your gift with the world.

With Sincere Thanks,

Jane W. 

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