This message came in response to an email from my team stating that the first 45 minutes of the Large Audience Event recording didn’t record. Attempts to recover the missing material were to no avail. 

Thank you so much for following through to me with this email. I am so very grateful and I realize more and more there are no coincidences. Actually, the portion that was not recorded was where I truly believe a parallel message was for me.

In the first 30 seconds of this download you sent, as Rebecca was finishing up the “conversation”, I heard the name of my departed friend as I had that night for the first time in the five years and five times that I have attended Rebecca’s readings here in Detroit. I wrote some of the related messages down that evening and I know this was validation of his spirit sending messages to me.

But more miraculously, in the following months after that night, I had a much needed healing epiphany through working with an energy healer. This has brought me to a healthier place in regards to my grief over his death. I have reached a point now that I can move through and “let go” of some material and emotional items that no longer serve me in moving forward.

So it totally makes sense that I would not be able to get that portion of the recording!  And that in itself was a message from him! He will always be my guardian spirit as I continue my life’s journey.


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