This program was validating of the array of emotions and feelings one goes through during the mourning process, which truly gave myself the “allowing” to truly mourn, but mourn in a productive way. Its absolutely one of the best investments – $44.44 😉 in myself I’ve made during the time since my Father passed outside of being a part of “The Inner circle”.

His passing has brought me many gifts in regards to my connection with spirit and for that, I am so eternally grateful. Its comforting knowing his spirit is free and also with me and our family. One of my favorite things you described in the Day 1 materials of the Mystical Mourning experience (Tears – Mystical Moment) was the following – “On many occasions I have felt myself crying in my sleep while dreaming about my father—crying to the point of waking myself up. And upon awakening I’ve had the deep sense that my father was actually there with me in the room. Because he was there. Such dreams are visitations and those tears points of connection between me and my dad. My tears simply manifested in physical form all that emotion, spirit and love that my dad and I shared and continue to share. And having lost its regular release through physical contact and visual or verbal communication, from time to time that love comes pouring out from his world into my world through my tears.”

I so very much resonated with this! My Dad was a not only my wonderful Father, but he is also one of closest soul mates. We share a very special soul connection and when I feel like his spirit is “showing up” or I know I’m hearing a song he is sending me, tears flow like a river and its not because I’m dwelling in grief, but because I feel him and know he is with me, connecting me and showing that our connection very much survives the physical body. When I read your words describing your tears and also the deep connection you too shared with your Father, I was like, “Yes, that is it! That’s exactly how I feel about the tears I experience upon thinking of my Dad and or feeling his presence. Thank you for sharing and articulating that.

Mystical Mourning was a beautiful course with just the right amount of information and length and very digestible. I appreciated that the exercises were simple, practical and can be tools continuously used and integrated into our spiritual practices moving forward. I have re-referenced so much of the material since taking myself through the 8 day course. I LOVE all of the meditations and intentions provided! I also really appreciated learning some of the Kabbalah terminology and practices. This course has really helped me understand my grief process and my connections with spirit which is truly priceless. Rabbi Baruch and Rebecca, my deepest thanks and gratitude for creating and sharing the Mystical Mourning course. Feeling ever so close with Spirit, My Divine spark, my angels, and my Beloved Father, Lou. The work the both of you do is beyond helpful to countless, and what I believe to be groundbreaking for spiritual evolution. Keep up your exquisite and divinely inspired work! Sending Love, Light, Blessings and Gratitude to you both always!

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