I devour every blog writing you share and wanted to tell you of two signs I recently received that I believe are from my Team Spirit.

As a relatively young breast cancer survivor, I still have my up and down days three years out. Still suffering from physical and emotional pain, I had a particularly bad meltdown recently after months of keeping it together pretty well. I began praying fervently and taking deep breathes to calm down since I recognized I was having an anxiety attack, something I rarely, if ever, suffered pre-cancer. Right at that moment, at the depths of my despair of feeling damaged forever, I received a text from a dear cancer survivor friend I hadn’t heard from in a long time. Her text read: “Hi just wanted to say how glad I am we r friends. Ur loved from the northland…beyond measure.” At that moment I felt a sense of peace and knew I wasn’t alone in this world and my Spirit Team was sending me love through the one person who understood what it felt like to suffer.

One more story that I’d like to share is a bit on the comical side. Looking forward to a relaxing, get-caught-up week of solitude, we got word that several family members were going to visit, with children, the whole week. The house energy became quite stressful during the week and in the meantime my aunt was texting how stressed she was with her life, interjecting “quack quack” in her messages as a reference to feeling like a duck running around in circles. On one particular stressful day after a family argument, we were all riding in the car when I noticed the car tag ahead of me said “Quack.” How ironic! Although I was feeling angry from the argument, I immediately laughed and knew Spirit had a sense of humor! 

Thank you for your wonderful work!

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