I want to thank Rebecca for her care in providing all of us with a loving and nurturing experience [at her Small Group Reading in NYC]. I gained so much and was not surprised to see my dad jump right in at the beginning.

I am sorry that I did not speak up when she asked about a Joe or Joseph as I had him in my intentions these past days. A catholic priest who changed life’s direction for one of my sons. I wish I had had the opportunity to thank him, but I know he knows. It would have been something I think would have helped for me to have told my son, as I try to get this son to experience the peace that comes with spirituality in whatever form it takes.

There were many many parallels around the room for me, as well.

I would also like to let the others in our group know that being with them was fortuitous and a privilege as we journey along life’s way.

I will continue to try to get to a better place and I will let my cousin know that her precious 29 year old son, who just committed suicide is healing, safe and wants them to know. He was in such physical pain that I do not think he wanted his family to have to go through it anymore and acted out of the deepest love for them. She had prayed the rosary with him that morning. I hope it will comfort her.

Thank you again for opening doorways and sharing your gifts.

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