Rebecca, after reading your blog  concerning learning the signs, I experienced what I thought was a direct sign from my father. He passed to the other side in 1977, but I think I hear from him from time to time, probably more often than I am aware.

Last week I was working on taxes for this year, last year I had to ask for an extension, so I was really wanting to get them filed early this year, so I started right after the first of the year, but needing to wait on forms from financial places wasn’t able to get it done as quick as I wanted to. When the forms finally came in, I started procrastinating a little bit.

First I want to give you a little background. I grew up on a dairy farm in southern Missouri. And we would go to town on Wednesdays nights and Saturday afternoon, and dad would give me $0.25, or as dad would say 2 bits. On Saturday afternoon that would get me and to the afternoon movie, buy a bag of popcorn, a Coke, leaving me five cents, which I would spend on a bag of Bull Durham tobacco. (I was about 13 at the time) in those days a kid’s haircut cost 2 bits or $0.25, dad’s haircut would be 4 bits, $0.50.

Well last week I was trying to get my taxes complete, struggling looking for an excuse to take a break, and our dog wanted to go for a walk. Well I jumped at the chance, put her harness on we went out to the car and drove down to a park by a small lake. Molly our German short haired bird dog loves to hunt. So were walking around this well beaten path, she is in and out of the brush and I have her on a leash. We came to a path,  people use to get down to the water and fish. Well Molly kinda drags me down that path it’s covered with small stones, so we are not walking in the mud. She’s down there smelling around, as we head back up the path. Suddenly right there in the middle of the path is to quarters, heads up, I reached down and picked them up, and thought of my dad. Dad was always pretty prompt about getting things done, I always wanted to wait till tomorrow, and he would always say tomorrow never comes. While I had been procrastinating, as I figured I was going to have to pay another $600. But I thought to myself dad’s trying to tell me something, need to get the taxes done.

Went home, and finished the taxes that afternoon and evening, and to my surprise, instead of having to pay $600, ended up getting a refund of 3000. All the next day Molly is wanting to go for another walk, so we head out to the big Lake Park for another trip around the lake, returned down that path again leads down to the water and I’m looking don’t see anything, but as we turned and started back out lo and behold another quarter, another 2 bits, reaffirming my father had encouraged me once more.

Thank you Rebecca for your encouragement and instruction we saw you at your event in Omaha, we always enjoy your readings.

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