I happened to turn on The Dr. Oz Show on Friday 4/4. Your segment got my curiosity up so I downloaded your book Awaken the Spirit Within. I have only made it through the first chapter but have experienced the most incredible “Wow!” moments and would like to share some of my story.

I have had many instances in my life where I’ve had dreams (I call them slice of life dreams) of either myself or someone else in a situation that was unfamiliar to me, nothing scary or spectacular, just ordinary situations… These dreams have all become reality where I suddenly realize, “Oh my gosh! This is what I was dreaming about.” They usually come before a major life change.

I once had a dream about my ex-husband’s father, shortly after his death. It was simply a vision of him cooking something on a griddle and he was talking about how he had just purchased this griddle. The next morning as we were having breakfast, I told my [then] husband that I had a dream about his father and described it to him. He just sat there looking at me astonished for a bit, and then told me that was the last thing he had seen his father doing and talking about during his final visit. He felt [my dream] was his father’s way of telling my husband he was ok.

There have been many strange instances [in my life]. After my divorce three years ago, I moved to a new city which I loved. Within a year, I was transferred back to the city from which I had moved. I felt distraught over this and felt like I had no direction – like a leaf being blown about (I’ve come to call them the winds of change).

[So] I was sitting on my patio one night looking out across an expanse of ground in my condo complex. For several nights I had noticed a cat that would just walk back and forth next to a fence and it occurred to me that the cat looked like a sentinel and I thought, “I wonder if that cat is my guardian angel?” But then I thought, “That’s silly, if that cat was my guardian angel he would come right up on my patio with me.” So I sat there for a few more minutes lost in thought when I happened to look down and there was that cat sitting on my patio looking right at me! I was so startled I didn’t know what to do! I looked at it for a moment and then looked away. When I looked back it was gone and I never saw it again…I think it was a guardian angel!

One other thing I wanted to mention is that I have had this sort of mantra in my head ever since I can remember…I want to go home…but I could never figure out where “home” was…until I began reading your book. You mentioned “home” several times in this chapter and each time I cried. I prayed the evening before I watched that Dr. Oz show that God would make things clear to me. I usually don’t even watch that show, however, I believe it was divine intervention that I happened to turn it on that day.

I feel like maybe, finally, I can figure out or understand what my purpose is…and I wanted to simply say thank you.

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