I’ve read both of your books [SpiritedĀ andĀ Awaken the Spirit Within], Rebecca, and I will be seeing you in a live audience event later this year. A trusted friend recommended you from her past experience with you in readings. I’d never been open to this sort of thing before — I spent years in journalism as a professional skeptic — but lately, so much is changing for me that I’m much more accepting.

One thing that came through in your books was how so many people want to reconnect with parents — especially fathers — who, in human life, were emotionally distant, difficult, or even abusive. It’s been many years since my father died. I was in denial for years about the effect he had on me because he was so emotionally distant. I felt I never knew him. He was one of the most silent people ever — I could barely give you a single quote from living 30 years with and around him! My mother was, in some ways, like my dad, and had low self-esteem despite being such a creative person. I tried to not miss either one of them because it hurt too much, and I was angry with their legacy of an unhappy marriage and all the silence around expressing honest emotions, affection, and attention.

But as I read your books and prayed to my angels and spirit guides as you instruct, I began to feel very emotional, openly weeping as I felt my parents were coming through. I saw 3 license plates in the matter of one week — one said DAD GIRL, followed by DADSGIRL, and K8S MOM. My home has been besieged for months with water issues, broken pipes, leaking sink, foundation leaks, etc. We spent months on repairs, but as soon as one was fixed, we’d find another one. You’d mentioned how spirit will try to get our attention through household events. I wasn’t sure the water was related to my parents until it dawned on me that they were both Scorpios, an astrological water sign. I’m guessing this may be their way of motivating me to take care of this house since it is possible we may need to sell within the year. We are finally drying out, and I don’t feel as harried about it because it feels like there is an explanation for it all.

I now believe my purpose is to extend and express God’s love by breaking the unhealthy emotional patterns my parents lived out. I think that’s what they want me to do. I unconsciously replicated their marriage in my own marriage, and I’ve buried my own light by living small. I was even emotionally distant from my child until I started to wake up. My relationship with her is now unlike anything I knew when I was growing up, and I believe my parents are witnessing this and cheering me on with love.

You’ve made it clear that our deceased loved ones want us to thrive, succeed, and bust out from the old unhealthy patterns they experienced. It feels so awesome to have my parents back in my life, in a healthy, loving, spiritual way. What an amazing God we have who allows us so much spiritual help and extended love from all our family members on the other side.

I’m not sure I could’ve found my way to this place of peace without your help, Rebecca, even though we have never personally met. Thank you for writing, for blogging, and for keeping it real. Bless you, Rebecca!

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