Thank you for sharing your gift with me and my parents. I feel fortunate and grateful after participating in your Omaha show. I was your last reading of the night, when you questioned a fish tattoo.

My son, Jonah, died in 2013, after living for just 67 days. I have a whale tattooed on my foot in his memory and the whale has become one of many ways we remember him (we reference Jonah and the Whale). I have thought about coming to one of your shows since he died and have always talked myself out of it. I am so glad that this year I didn’t hesitate and I purchased tickets, asking both of my parents to join me. Having Jonah’s spirit come through and knowing that he is in the loving care of his great-grandparents’ spirits and that he is now watching over his little brother, has brought me a lot of comfort. I have always felt and known his presence, but your confirmation was amazing. I am still trying to process all of this.

Thank you again for sharing your gift and for an evening that in some way, may be life changing.

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