I want to thank you for an amazing experience last night [at your Large Audience Event in Denver]. It was the second time my husband, Brian, and I have participated in one of your large group readings, and it won’t be the last.

My cousin Michael came through last night and I just wanted to share a little bit of backstory with you.

First off, I had no plans to see my sorority sister, Brandi, at your event. She walked up at the exact same moment as the friend we were waiting for out front (no coincidence!). She was also originally planning to sit on her own away from us, but felt compelled to sit next to me after she came over to talk for a moment. We both ended up having long-term addict relatives named Michael who had died tragically, though we didn’t know this until they came through.

You always say that the people and spirits with the greatest emotional need come through. Consequently, I go into your shows with zero expectations! I believe wholeheartedly that death is not the end for us and that we will see our loved ones again on the other side. Most of my deceased relatives passed peacefully after long lives (with the exception of Michael) and I don’t have any major unresolved issues with any family members who have passed.

That’s why I believe that even though my cousin came through, that reading was really for my friend Christopher.

We brought him last night as our guest in the hope of opening a spiritual door for him, if even just a crack. A[nother] dear friend was diagnosed with a form of pancreatic cancer in February and is battling the disease admirably, but Christopher has really been struggling with all the “what ifs” surrounding the diagnosis and is pretty emotionally drained.

During the meditation, after I called in my loved ones (including Michael), I asked again and again for someone to please help Christopher. I think witnessing our reading (particularly since he knew Michael in life) had a strong impact. He wants to come to your next large group reading and expressed interest in reading Awaken the Spirit Within. We’re also going to start working on improving our meditation skills together. Hopefully, this will help him cope during an extremely difficult time in his life.

Thank you so much for the work you do!

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