I would like to thank you so very much for our free 30 minute reading. It was every bit of what we hoped it would be – and more. Although I credit Cole or orchestrating it 😉 we thank Rebecca and the team so much for allowing us to hear from our dearly missed Cole. It’s one thing to read Rebecca’s books and hear her in a large setting, but there is no substitute for a private reading like we were gifted!

I know that Rebecca receives validating letters about what she passes along from Spirit all the time, but thought I’d share the following.

During our reading on Wednesday Rebecca asked if any of us had a heart shaped stone. She was sure we would be receiving one soon. Just 24 hours later, with no prompting, or sharing about our reading the day before, my business partner who is rarely in town returned from a lunch break and handed me the below heart shaped stone! She was in the Tibetan store on 6th and just thought of me and bought it. My jaw almost hit the floor. That removed any lingering doubts I might have been holding onto that Spirit is with us and working through all of us in ways we just can’t understand, but just have to trust. Now I really know that all the signs I get from my lovely Cole are real.

Thank you again so much!

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