Here’s a sign I received daily for a couple of years. I wish it would happen again.
After the first reading I had with Rebecca, she had told me that my precious Grandma Pearl was showing her a bird. She called it “Grandma Bird”.
Well after this, a very unique looking bird would wait on our front lawn almost every time I came home. The bird would sit in our backyard almost every day. When I walked the dogs in the evening, I would see the bird watching over us from a neighbor’s roof!
I saw Rebecca again a few years later for a small group reading. While she was reading me, Rebecca said, “What is Grandma Bird? Why am I saying that to you?”
I was blown away with joy. Obviously Rebecca sees hundreds or thousands of people, so she didn’t remember that from our reading years before… It was reinforcement that the bird really was a sign from my beautiful Grandma!
Thank you, Rebecca.

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