Hi Rebecca,

Mazel Tov on your show!! It is absolutely amazing!

You have such a warm heart and sharing your gift with the world brings such closure, peace and transformation to so many people! Let that light shine, Girl!
I am also so incredibly grateful for having the opportunity to be apart of your show. The entire experience was inspiring and life changing and confirmed what I always believed in my heart to be true.

The synchronicity of how everything came together is so undeniable and profound. And learning the week before the reading that our Dads were fraternity brothers was nothing short of amazing!!

Everything definitely became clearer once I returned to Texas and processed it all. However it wasn’t until a month or so later, in a random conversation with my Mom, that brought everything full circle. During the reading, you mentioned my Nana was there with Sylvia. Of all her friends, I cannot ever remember hearing that name, so it meant absolutely nothing to me. My mother told me Sylvia was Nana’s college roommate.

But it gets better… My Papa went to Northwestern Law School, with Adolph, who later married Sylvia. They were all the best of friends.

Meanwhile years later, my parents were heartbroken because the mother of the baby they were waiting to adopt changed her mind at the very last minute.

Then one day a very pregnant woman walked into Adolph’s nephew’s law practice with the hopes of finding a good home for her baby. That woman was Jill.

The nephew talked to Adolph, who called my Papa, and the rest is history.

I just had to share this with you! I knew you’d love it.

The knowing and confirmation that we are all connected is so powerful.

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