I would like to let you how much I enjoyed reading your
 books, both Spirited and Awaken the Spirit Within.  Thank
 you for taking the time to write them as they are immensely

 I came across your book, Awaken the Spirit Within, purely by
 accident (but based on your book, it may not have been an
 accident).  The picture on the cover is what caught my
 eye.  It was sitting on a table on the 2nd level of a
 Barnes & Noble.  We were rushing to leave and
 that’s when I noticed your book.  I figured I would
 look it up on Amazon but never purchased it and it
 completely slipped my mind.  Several weeks later, I came
 back to the same Barnes and Noble and passed by the same
 table and again, the book caught my eye.  I believe this
 was meant to happen.

 I am glad that I purchased your book and very much enjoyed
 reading them.  Thank you for sharing your gift and putting
 them into words.


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