I read a lot of self help books and most do not “fit” and I’m happy if I come away with one thing. My brain just reads “through” these books. Your book [Awaken the Spirit Within] has rested my soul and my brain. I feel relieved. In the past I kept praying for a new brain; I think I have it now! I have felt all these things you have spoken about, but most people would put me in the loony bin. I know can’t read other people, but I honestly believe I can connect with my own angels now. I can have the relationship with them that I’ve always wanted and have been too scared to have. I believe and have always believed about the mission but too scared to admit to reincarnation.

Also, one more thing, I received my first sign from my angel today. After dropping my son at school, I was driving home and flipping through radio stations hoping to hear a funny story on the morning talk shows. I kept flipping past a Christian station playing a song that seemed upbeat. I must have flipped 3 times and something told me to stop and listen. I did and the song was by Mercy Me called “So Long Self.” Totally appropriate because I know I can put my misplaced self to rest and move on now. I know that I can finally love, appreciate, and trust my angels! It is time to quit fearing them. Thank you so much!

Blessings to you!


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