Rebecca, I recently participated in a small group reading with you.

During the reading, I mentioned that my maternal grandmother recently passed away. You asked me if a sign of ladybug meant anything to me and I said no. I said that my parents had a sticker (it’s a magnet) of one on their dishwasher and that’s about it.

My grandma passed away in Russia, so my mom decided to bring her ashes here to Denver. We held a funeral for her here on Friday, a few days after the reading. That Sunday, I came to find a ladybug on my car. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen one, it must have been years.

That’s not it. You’ve asked me about a ladybug twice, saying that one was for me. Well, my dad just called telling me that he saw a ladybug yesterday on his office wall. He had no idea I had the reading done. He just thought it was weird that there was a ladybug, inside a building with no open windows, essentially at the start of the winter. My dad was the one who last saw my grandma minutes before she passed away and today marks 40 days since her passing, a milestone in the religion that my grandma followed.

Thank you for all you do! During the reading you mentioned that you were telling me everything I didn’t want to hear and I just wanted to say that that’s not the case. I really appreciate the advice and I walked away feeling lighter and more peaceful.

Thank you, Rebecca.

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