Hi Rebecca,

First of all, thank you for giving so much of your time and energy to others. My reading yesterday was wonderful!  (Kudos to all those happy souls who came through for me!)

I was telling my husband about the part where you said, “Your mom is thanking you again for taking care of her.  Did she make afghans? Or do you have one of her afghans or blankets?” I said no to both, but that my sister made afghans when she was younger. You said that wasn’t it, but to keep it in mind.

My husband reminded me that HIS mom made afghans before I knew her, and that many years ago we had the one she made for him wrapped up and tucked away for safe keeping. It also made sense that she was saying thank you for taking care of her, because she had been bedridden for eight years with a stroke. My husband and his siblings took care of her in her house all that time. I was thrilled for him that both of his parents came through!

Hope to see you again next year in the Bay Area.


Carole S.

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