Your book Awaken the Spirit Within has given me more of a feeling of optimism about the concept of the hereafter and the host of Angels and Spirits available to assist us throughout life. You have confirmed the guardian angel experience I believe I had personally. A near head-on collision in which I was resigned to the fact that I was going to die — only to have the oncoming vehicle swerve away from me at literally the last minute. I have secretly believed since that event that a guardian angel(s) intervention was the only answer for the outcome.

I am re-reading your book slowly to try to memorize more of what I find to be a very positive, optimistic outlook and am truly pleased to know of the promise of the soul / spirit crossing over into the spiritual realm and being able to understand shortcomings in the living of this life that may be able to be corrected or relived in a potential future return.

I’m probably displaying my amateurish level of understanding here but wanted you to know that your message has provided me with more hope for the future than any other religious training I’ve ever had. I am trying to gain a better understanding of meditation so as to put it to use effectively — NOT easily done as you know for us Novices. I truly believe in your “set it – forget it” advice and am optimistic about the future but have NO idea of the total future plan developed while back in the spiritual phase of existence.

Thank you, Rebecca, for just happening into my life. [I] unexpectedly encountered your book in the new arrivals section of our local library. Decided to buy it even before I finished the library’s copy and have it now as a reference.


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