Rebecca did a phone session with an old friend of mine who had lost her son.  I found it incredibly accurate and amazing, so when Rebecca was scheduled to come to Seattle, I planned to go, as did my old friend, but it was cancelled.  When her book came out, I thought, why not read it.  Each of her books helped to open me up to uncovering the blocks that were preventing me from communicating with the other side.  After her books, there was a huge ripple effect and I was presented with things that helped me along this path.  It is literally unfolding in front of me with minimal effort on my part.  I don’t even need to search really…what I need is laid before me. I now work very part-time as a nurse and took a Healing Touch class (Energy Medicine) to meet requirements for my nursing license.  That first class, felt like home.  I do sessions from my home, also volunteer to do sessions with hospice patients, and work with a group of retired Catholic nuns and do sessions with them at a spirituality center in WA.

I also helped form a group of moms in the neighborhood interested in expanding spiritually, and the first book we read to discuss was Rebecca’s second book.  These women are now opening and living a more conscious life as well.  I have done energy sessions with many of them and I clairaudiently hear ways that they are thinking or patterns of behavior they have that are not serving them.  Sometimes I see pictures or video clips of events in their lives,  most in childhood, where these ways of thinking started and when their bodies energetically lost homeostasis.  I am not sure if I am reading their energy, if it is their guides, or my guides who are giving me this information. I am then given tools that they can use to change their thinking.  I like to tell them it is like being stuck in a round-a-bout.  They are using the same coping mechanisms over and over and going in circles…with awareness of their automatic patterns of thought, and then tools, they can get out of the round-a-bout and move forward in a more positive direction with their lives.  I also see and hear departed loved ones who want to deliver messages to the person on the table.  Or sometimes, they are simply there for love and support…they often hold the person’s hand, bend over and kiss them on the forehead, etc.

Rebecca’s books and meditations have been an incredible catalyst in helping me develop my own skills.  I will be forever grateful to her.  I share her books and meditations with many friends and also people I do energy work with.  I admire her down to earth attitude, openness about this topic, and kind approach.  As shallow as it may sound, I was very worried about people thinking I was woo woo and weird when I first started being honest and open with others about my experiences.  I was worried that some people may even decide they were not comfortable with their children playing with my kids or continuing to be friends with me.  That has not happened.  Instead, friends and family are embracing and supporting me…they are actually my biggest cheerleaders.  

A huge thank you and with the deepest gratitude…Thank You Rebecca!

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