Hi Rebecca,

I had to share our angel’s birthday party with you!

I had a reading with you last Wednesday, and Sunday was Lauren’s birthday party in Michigan. We celebrate her birthday every year and have since she passed in 2000. We release as many balloons as she would have been old, (she showed you this during my reading!) and we always write notes to her (or to anyone in heaven we need to talk to) and tie the notes to the ribbons. This year she would have turned 24!  When she’s turns 50, if I’m still here, we may take down an airplane on its flight pattern into Ann Arbor airport!

This year, because your reading made me realize (again! I don’t know why we can’t hold onto this reality) that she is right here and I will see my sweet baby girl again and we work together to make the world a kinder, sweeter place, her party was simply pure joy.  I only choked up once when we sang her happy birthday!

Thank you again, Rebecca, for so significantly and solidly and forever impacting our lives with the reality that our love survives! Your ability has been the gift that allowed me to continue to live my life, and to re-engage and sublimate my grief into a way to help others through loss.  There are not enough words in our language to express my gratitude!!


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