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You’re not alone. Others JUST LIKE YOU are seeking the same thing.

If I’ve had the honored privilege to connect you to the unseen world where you’ve either witnessed or directly received transformative and  healing messages from Spirit, you understand now that death is not the end but a new beginning where your connection to deceased loved ones is not lost, but only changed form.

While this is AWEsome news, maybe you want to know — what now? How can I stay connected to my loved ones on the Other Side?  What more do they have to teach me or show me? How do I apply what I’ve learned from the Spiritual realm to my day-to-day life?

So many questions and a deep desire to CONNECT.

I totally get this, and as much as I’d love to sit down with each and every one of you, hold your hand and answer your most burning, aching questions about this life and the next, the reality is that there’s just not enough hours in the day or enough of me to go around. Arghhhh, the constraints of time and space and having a physical body!

But, here’s the more AWEsome thing. You actually don’t need me. You already have everything you need to make profound connections with Spirit on your own.

Connecting to Spirit is Within Your Power.

While it’s true that I make an unconventional living serving as a channel between the spirit world and our day-to-day world—relaying unparalleled insights and inspirational messages from angels, higher guides and those who have passed on to people like you seeking answers in the here and now—the truth is that I’m not that much different from you. I just have the right tools and have made some pretty awesome connections.

You, too, have the tools.

After doing this job for two decades, I have no doubt that my most important work is to help guide and empower people like you to go within and connect to the same spiritual support system I rely on every day to guide me forward and help me make sense of the events, circumstances and people who show up in my life.  It’s this deep down, purposeful knowing that inspired me to create an exciting, new opportunity—the next best thing to connecting to me in person and gaining regular and immediate access to Spirit and the insight of Other Side.

Rebecca Rosen's Inner Circle Membership Program

When you join my Inner Circle, you gain access to my sacred space, an abundant source of spiritually inspired tools, guidance and insight, along with a safe community of support to assist you along your journey of connecting and personal awakening. It’s exactly what I wish I’d had access to years ago when I was waking up to my own intuitive gifts and craving connection to and reassurance from a spiritual community. It would have saved me a lot of self-doubt, isolation and struggle.

As a subscriber to my Inner Circle you’ll gain monthly access to:

  • An exclusive guided audio meditation that I’ve recorded just for you. These 10-minute audio downloads are specifically designed to help you develop your connection to receive intuitive wisdom and inspiration.
  • A Divinely inspired message from Spirit.  Each month, I’ll provide you with a “channeled” audio message from Spirit. Trust me, this guidance comes from a whole ‘nother level. It comes to me unfiltered from the higher guides, angels, ascended masters and Source itself. You can’t go much higher than that!
  • Q and A Videos. You’ll get more face time with me when every month, I answer your most burning questions. I’ll give you my “Spirit” perspective and provide my own insights and experiences. Make yourself a cup of tea and let’s tackle life’s (and the hereafter’s) biggest questions.
  • My Spiritual Tool Kit. Each month, I’ll recommend a special tool for connecting with and receiving messages from Spirit. Whether it’s my favorite smudge spray or prayer beads, I’ll explain how I use these spiritual tools in my everyday life and how you can similarly use them to strengthen your intuition and trust your Divine guidance.
  • Shares & Prayers. Sometimes what we need most in challenging times is to know, and feel, that we are surrounded by a circle of generous love and support. When I was creating this Inner Circle, I felt divinely inspired to hold a space for you to freely share your expressions of grief, uncertainty and concern, or to simply express a hope or need. In return, I hope that by creating this private and vulnerable space, others in the Inner Circle community feel inspired to extend prayers of support, generosity and encouragement to those who need it most.
  • Intention Setting.  Together, we’ll set an intention based on a monthly theme. Did you know that when a group of  like-minded individuals sets their minds to a single focus, they manifest powerful change? When two or more people focus their positive energy on a specific intention and outcome, good things happen!

More Spirited Perks…

  • Access to the Inner Circle member group. This is a private and empowering online community available to support you along your spiritual path. Ask questions, share your experiences, exchange wisdom and compare healing messages in a safe and intimate setting.