Sorry, this event is Sold Out
  • What Large Audience
  • When April 24, 2018 at 7p
  • Where Soiled Dove Underground
    Denver, CO

Rebecca Rosen is an internationally-renowned bestselling author, spiritual medium, teacher and inspirational speaker. As a spiritual medium Rebecca serves as an ambassador between worlds, relaying messages from those who have passed over to their loved ones in the here and now. Her incredibly accurate and detailed readings have amazed clients and led to Rebecca’s appearances on The Dr. Oz Show, The Rachael Ray Show, Fox & Friends, Nightline, Giuliana & Bill, and more. Through her television show “The Last Goodbye” on LMN, viewers witnessed the effects of Rebecca’s work on those seeking answers from deceased loved ones to questions that death left them asking.

During this Large Audience Event, audience members can expect to witness profoundly detailed validations of communication from the other side, as Rebecca serves as a channel for communication between the living and dead. This is an unparalleled opportunity to peek behind the curtain and experience the energy and momentum that only a group of this size can bring. Often, when groups of individuals are gathered in this way it is for a divine purpose. Even though it can’t be predicted which spirits will come through the strongest and therefore a reading cannot be guaranteed for each individual, audience members will often hear parallel messages throughout the evening.

Attend a Rebecca Rosen Large Audience Event and gain insight and clarity into a world of possibility that becomes available when people decide they are open and ready to receive the answers they have been seeking.