My journey began in a rather unexpected way. In 1997, I was a young college student struggling with depression and a debilitating sleep eating disorder. Months of therapy, medication, and support from family and friends hadn’t been working. I was left feeling hopeless and unsure where to turn for help.

Out of desperation, I did something I hadn’t tried before. I began to pray. And on one particularly unremarkable day, while sitting in a bookstore, I felt compelled to write in my journal. That’s when Grandma Babe answered my prayers. “I’m here for you. Instead of self-medicating and stuffing down the feelings, I’m going to help you.” But here’s the crazy thing. My Grandma Babe had killed herself 10 years earlier.

I began receiving a flood of words that I involuntarily transcribed, or channeled, not even realizing what I was writing. The handwriting was my own, but the words were my Grandmother’s. It was as if she was dragging my hand across the page. She began telling me how much she regretted not dealing with her own emotional demons during her lifetime, and that she didn’t want me to make the same mistake.

So I did the only thing I could think to do. I asked for proof that what was happening was real. Grandma Babe told me three things she wanted me to share with my father, her son. All three turned out to be true and were things no one else besides my father and Grandma Babe could possibly know.

For the next 18 months, Grandma Babe was my guide. She gave me life lessons and also directed me to do specific things to heal myself. She even predicted specific personal events in my life that would later come true. At the end of this time, she told me to go out and help others.

It started with my just doing readings for family and friends. But the results were uncannily accurate and they began to tell their friends. Soon strangers began asking for readings too and I realized I had officially begun working as a medium.

Now, over 20 years later, I’ve learned so much and am incredibly grateful for the opportunity I have to help others connect to their deceased loved ones, angels, spirits, and guides. It’s truly transformational what can happen when you open yourself up to the possibilities… I’m living proof.

Now the question is, how can I help you on your journey?

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