Questions are the foundation to maximizing our intuition and channeling our guides. And sometimes they’re also great for just understanding the real world a little better. Here you’ll find a list of FAQs that I’ve compiled to help add context and understanding.

Rebecca’s Expertise

What’s the difference between a psychic and a medium? Are you psychic?

Not only is there a difference, the distinction between the two is pretty important.

For starters, a psychic isn’t necessarily a medium, but a medium is psychic. Psychics tune into the energy of people or objects and sense elements of past, present and future through intuition. Mediums use their psychic or intuitive abilities to see the same thing, but they tune into the spirit energy surrounding that person.

Psychic readings tend to focus on predicting future events while mediums primarily tune into past and present issues. In my opinion, we all have free will – the power to live our lives how we choose. So “predicting the future” is often just insight into what could potentially happen based on the road you’re currently traveling, and it runs the risk of changing a person’s free will. It’s important to remember you can absolutely redirect your life by changing your thoughts and actions.

How do you communicate with people who have died?

Everything is made up of energy, spinning and vibrating at different speeds. And because energy never dies, but simply changes form, mediums are able to connect with that energy. Spirit energy vibrates higher and faster than our energy while in a dense body. So for communication to take place, mediums must raise their vibrational frequency and the spirits must slow their energy down. As this happens, we meet somewhere in the middle and hopefully receive the intended messages.

While there are a few different ways to connect with Spirit, I work as a mental medium, which means I communicate with spirits through the use of telepathy. Spirits impress my mind and body with thoughts and feelings that come in the form of “clairs.” I mentally “hear” (clairaudience), “see” (clairvoyance), “know” (claircognizance) and/or “feel” (clairsentience) messages from spirits. It’s kind of like a game of Charades because I need to accurately interpret the information coming through. My greatest challenge comes from quieting the analytical mind and relaying the information as correctly as possible to bring forth a meaningful message to the recipient.

Do you help the police solve murders, find missing people or close cases?

Just as every doctor has their specialty, so do spiritual mediums. Finding missing people, identifying a murderer or solving crimes is not my specialty. I focus primarily on souls who are happily residing in heaven and want to make contact with their living loved ones, to provide closure or guidance.

Doesn’t the Bible say it’s wrong to talk to the dead or work with mediums?

A spiritual practice based on pure intentions and focused on bringing peace, love and light into our lives is not only good, but exactly what God wants for us.

Do you just talk to dead people?

I communicate with those who have a message they wish to pass on to someone living in the here and now. This includes many levels in what is essentially a hierarchy of spirits, angels, guides and more.

The lowest level I communicate with is the Astral Plane, a.k.a. the waiting room between heaven and earth. It’s here where many of our deceased loved ones either reside or “come down to” when a medium is reaching out and tuning in to connect with them.

Moving into the Upper Astral Plane, we find many of the Spirit Guides, who are on specific assignment with a living person, to help them learn a certain lesson or get through a challenging time in their life.

Above that are the Higher Heavens, where higher beings of light such as Ascended Masters, Angels, Guardian Angels and Archangels reside.

During a reading, I typically start by communicating with deceased spirits who knew the living person when there were here on Earth. These spirits will draw upon memories from their lifetime to provide specific details that help validate the connection being made and “prove” their presence in the reading. This helps to build the authentic faith of their living loved one so that person is better able to receive more universal messages, comfort, guidance and clarity offered by spirits in the Upper Astral Plane and Higher Heavens.

Learn more about the various levels of spirit.

Do you communicate with pet spirits?

All the time. The souls of our pets go to animal heaven and are just as important as human souls. Often times they are like angels due to their unconditional love. Animal souls communicate through thoughts and feelings so they don’t need to know how to speak a language. Just as we communicate with our pets in life through sensing and feeling their energy, the same goes for death.

Do you talk to God or Jesus?

God is within everyone and everything. We all have the God-spark within… so yes! Jesus is an Ascended Master who’s come to me often with messages of love.

Do you give referrals to other psychics or mediums?

I do not provide referrals to other intuitives however, I have some recommendations to help you find your own.

I’ve come to realize there are a lot of people doing work as psychics, mediums and healers for either the wrong reasons, or who lack a true gift and are simply trying to be something they are not.

Having said that, I believe there are many qualified, credible and gifted intuitives who do this important work! To find them, I encourage you to be discerning in choosing the right one for you.

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you explore your options:

  • Consider the source. How did you find out about the practitioner? Word of mouth from someone you trust is always your best bet.
  • Trust your vibes. Divine guidance always operates from a place of love and never fear. The practitioner should as well.
  • How love-based information should feel. Guidance and the practitioner’s energy should feel authentic, loving, empowering, simple, freeing, inspiring and like truth.
  • Pure intention. The practitioner should show a sincere interest in helping others to grow, heal, and be their highest and best selves, above all else.

And here’s what you’ll likely experience during a good intuitive reading:

  • Setting the tone. The practitioner will set the intention, often times through prayer, to bring forth information that is helpful and healing, versus hurtful or harmful.
  • Repetitive information. The Truth is simple and consistent. Whether you hear the same message from many sources, or similar information repeated in multiple readings over time. Divine guidance has a way of countlessly circling back.
  • Stay in your power. A practitioner should never make you feel you are at their mercy. Always do a gut check and take the guidance you receive, including any psychic predictions, with a grain of salt. Use it to make informed decisions. Listen, trust and follow your Truth and feelings; they don’t lie!
  • Your future is not set in stone. The practitioner should remind you that our future is a co-creative process between our free will as human beings, and the assistance and guidance of our “Team Spirit” and Source. While intuitives are able to tap into predictive information about one’s future, our choices dictate what actually unfolds, so multiple probabilities can always result.


How can I learn to communicate with the other side?

We are all born with intuitive gifts and the ability to use and develop them. And while everyone can connect with their deceased loved ones and Spirit themselves, not everyone is able to do so for others.

Ultimately, we all communicate with spirits telepathically. So to connect with the other side, you just need to think and feel from your heart about your deceased loved ones, pets, etc. They sense your energy so if you find yourself feeling or thinking of them out of the blue, it means they are with you and talking to you.

To develop your ability further, the most important thing you can do is meditate. Meditation is critical for practicing and strengthening our psychic senses. When we get out of our analytical mind and in touch with our heart (the center of our intuition), we automatically make space to hear from Spirit.

If you’re looking to learn more about how to meditate and connect with Spirit, my book Awaken the Spirit Within is a great place to start.

Are ghosts real? Should I be afraid of them? Can you help me get rid of spirits/ghosts in my house so I can help them move on?

While there are such things as ghosts, they are generally harmless. They are just lost souls who are unsettled with the fact that they died. They simply want our attention and sometimes they act mischievously to get it. Don’t give your power away by being afraid – you can always make them go away by setting firm boundaries through prayer.

Simply ask your angels, guides and God for peace and harmony in the home. Pray for anything less than love and light be removed and released. Then focus your prayers, intention and energy on bringing in more love and light from both the living and from Spirit. Your intention to create a place of peace is an extremely powerful technique.

How do I protect myself from evil spirits?

Don’t focus on the aspect of protection as that only feeds the negative energy. Instead, pray for the lower energy to be removed and ask for more love, light, inner peace, angels and beings of light to fill your space.

Why do spirits tend to visit me in the middle of the night?

Spirits generally make their presence known in our dreams, or in our rooms or surroundings at night when there’s less static in the air, so to speak. The veil between this earth world and the other side is lifted somewhat, as it’s quieter and calmer making it easier for them to make contact. Also, our minds are tired in the middle of the night, so it’s a great time for them to get our attention as our defenses are down and we’re out of our own way. It’s simply the time we’re able to hear, see, and feel them more clearly. There’s nothing to be afraid of, they’re usually just stopping by to say hi.


Are angels real? What’s a guardian angel? What are Archangels? Can you talk to each of them?

Yes, angels are real. They are God’s messengers of love and light, sent to comfort, guide and protect us, and they send us signs to let us know we are not alone.

Guardian Angels are angels we have with us our entire lives, literally from birth until death. We each have 1-2. They’re kind of like a personal assistant, always on hand in the background of our life. Their role is to ensure we are on the right track, fulfilling our soul’s purpose, along with keeping us out of harm’s way. They also make sure any spirit energy that comes around is in our best interest.

Archangels are like God’s MVP’s – the most powerful of all the angels – and they oversee all orders of angels. They have specific roles they play, areas of expertise and are available to anyone and everyone 24/7.

You can get to know your angels through prayer and meditation, or by inviting them into your dreams. Just pray and ask, then be open to receive.

See how angels fit into the hierarchy of spirits.

How do I know if I am getting a message from angels, spirits or deceased loved ones? Do they come in Dreams?

Messages come in all shapes and forms. Typically they come out of the blue, day or night, usually in response to a prayer, request for help or if you’re going through a difficult time. Messages often arrive in dreams because our mind is quieted and we aren’t getting in our own way, making it easier to “hear”. Signs and symbols are all around us, so pay attention. Most importantly, trust your intuition. You’ll know better than anyone when a message is coming through for you. My book Spirited provides an extensive list of ways signs show up, so be sure to check it out.

Do people’s personalities change when they become spirits? Do they look the same? Do they age?

Spirits retain much of their personalities, and it definitely shows when they come through in a reading. They do not have bodies, but can appear as an apparition that represents an age or time in their life where they looked and felt their best. Often times they just appear as light, unless the living needs to see a form in order to recognize them.

What happens when we die?

Physical death allows our soul to re-enter into the light and love of God consciousness; the only part of us that really dies is our human body. Regardless of how one dies, all souls exit the physical body in one of two ways: Either by pulling up and out the crown of the head, or out the soul center which is located between the throat and heart center. The less afraid and resistant we are of death, the easier and quicker this process happens.

Spirits tell me physical death is painless. In fact, they say it’s like dreaming or floating in a pool of water to a relaxing place, and that it feels great because you are free of gravity. Some spirits have described it like taking off a tight pair of jeans and slipping into your pj’s, where you feel comfy and unrestricted.

Once our souls fly out of the body, we are pulled upward toward a light. In some instances, it looks like a tunnel of light. We are drawn to this light and greeted, usually by one of our guardian angels, spirit guides, an ascended master and/or deceased loved ones.

After we are reminded that we are safe and all is well, we are taken to the astral plane, known as the waiting room between heaven and earth. It is here that we have a “homecoming” celebration, in most cases greeted by many of our deceased loved ones. It feels like a family reunion where we are celebrated and loved.

After that, our spirit guides take us to a special place to meet with our council of guides, to review our human lifetime and decide what happens next.

What happens to people who die by suicide or violently?

We pick up where we leave off. Meaning, the baggage we left undone in this life catches up with us on the other side. Suicides generally go to a healing cocoon, like a spiritual ICU, where they restore, heal and recharge their energy. Once they are willing to take responsibility for ending their lives, and ready to be held accountable, their spirit guides, guardian angels and council will gently walk them through a life review. They must then work at balancing out their karma by working to spiritually redeem themselves and grow on the other side – or they must plan to work it out in their next lifetime through reincarnation.

Is there a special place in heaven that children go?

Yes. Often children gather together and they go to the “spiritually age appropriate” level or classroom given their soul’s level of enlightenment. Many children who cross over are very evolved souls who acted as “earth angels”, taking one for the team so to speak, volunteering to incarnate for a short period of time to teach the living. Once their mission is complete, they return back home.

Is there a heaven and hell and if so, where are they and what are they like?

Heaven and hell are really just states of mind given the thoughts we choose to think and hold, whether that is in life or death. However, there are different levels on the other side. I liken it to a school system. Kindergarten would be the lowest level of consciousness and the closest thing to “hell” while the higher heavens would be considered the upper grades. We go to the place we’ve earned based on the choices we‘ve made while in life – and the work we did (or didn’t do) to grow and evolve into the kindest and most loving beings we can be.

Again, heaven is not a place, it’s just a higher vibrational plane of existence; heaven is all around us. I often hear spirits describing what their heavens look like, by drawing parallels to their favorite places and experiences they had while on earth. So everyone’s heaven looks a little different, it all just depends on what brought the individual spirit the greatest joy while in life.

Do we meet God when we die?

God is not a person. What the spirits have told me is that God is an energy that exists in all living things, both here on earth and in the afterlife. God is Love, the greatest love you can imagine. God is within each of us – I often refer to that God Spark within – and we can know God each and every day, when we are in a state of pure, unconditional love, both giving and receiving.

When our human bodies die and we go to heaven, it’s easier to know and feel God, mainly because heaven is a place of all love. It is unlike the heavy, dense conditions of this earth where so much fear exists.

Is it true we are all reincarnated? How long does it take when you die to be reincarnated?

Yes, but the soul always chooses if and when it will reincarnate. Generally the average soul waits about two generations before diving back into a body. In some cases, souls may choose to turn around and come right back in if they believe they hadn’t completed their soul’s work. Or if they were taken tragically and feel an injustice in their death, such as a murder or accident.

Can spirits see me in the shower?

Spirits don’t have bodies, so they don’t have eyes. But they can certainly tune into your energy and what you’re doing. Bottom line, if they want your attention, they don’t really care if you’re dressed or naked – they’ll take it anyway they can get it!

Are my child’s imaginary friends real?

They certainly can be. Children’s imaginary friends are often Spirits – usually guides or angels – who are making their presence known in a friendly, non-threatening way. I used to have them as a kid. My parents thought I was crazy at the time, until I discovered my gift. Turns out I was talking with my spirit guides.

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