I’ve been guided to dedicate my Inner Circle for the year of 2018 to the theme of BE THE LIGHT. And, I’ve divided the year into 4 quarters- doing a deep dive into 4 different universal topics that tend to be the reason why people seek out my services as a spiritual medium.

  • 1st quarter will be on Health and Well Being
  • 2nd quarter on Relationships
  • 3rd quarter on Purpose/Career
  • 4th quarter on Money/Abundance

So, for 3 months at a time, we will explore those topics…

Last month- January- was dedicated to INTENTION SETTING… identifying our personal goals around health and well being. This month the focus will be on SHIFTING (from darkness and fear into light and love), and next month we will dive into MANIFESTING…how to execute our intentions in this co-creative dance with the Divine.

As always, I will provide Meditations, Tools, Channelings, Q & A’s, and VLOGS to help you navigate your way through this process. And my hope in sharing all these tools in this sacred inner circle space is to inspire and empower YOU to rise up into your power and encourage you to BE THE LIGHT!

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