This week’s blog post was written by my dear friend and personal energy healer, Ariel Hardy. 

As an energy healer, my job is to clear people’s energy bubble. People call me for a long distance healing whenever they feel lost or stuck in their lives. Sometimes people will complain that they don’t feel like themselves anymore or that they feel “off.” To help them, I allow Spirit Guides and Angels to move my hands and show me what to do in their energy healing session.

In an energy healing, I typically flush out the main seven chakras, or vortexes, in the human energy field. The Angels and Guides have me clear the three main rivers of light through the body. They have me clean and repair the crown vortex in the top of the head until I see light pouring in from the Heavens. I unclog the energy through the legs and ground the energy by pulling the light down through the feet. Even though every session is different, I work until every layer of the energy bubble is vibrating with joy and peace.

But with so much grief and hardship in the world, how can we stay happy and clear between energy healings? Or what if we can’t get an energy healing? How then do we clear ourselves?

In an energy healing, I typically flush out the main seven chakras, or vortexes, in the human energy field. The Angels and Guides have me clear the three main rivers of light through the body. Click To Tweet

To answer this, I will share a few paragraphs from my PDF, How to Clear and Protect Your Energy:

“There are many ways to maintain our energy field and to clear ourselves with grace and ease. My clearing habits depend on where I’m living, what time of day it is, and what I have access to—a bathtub, creek, park, backyard, forest, or room to myself.

Sometimes I lay a blanket down on the grass in my backyard after a day of sessions. If I am planning on clearing for a while, I’ll bring a pillow out and take a nap. I lie on my back and literally feel Mother Earth draw the heavy energy from me. Sometimes I watch the green or yellow leaves in the trees above me flutter in the wind, celebrating the light and the breeze. I’ll rest and watch the white clouds move across the blue sky as the heavy energy seeps into the Earth.

Dog walking is a great way to form a regular habit for clearing, because our dogs will stare at us until we take them for a walk! Whether we want to get outside or not, our dog is a good motivator. One time a man asked me what I would do with all of my time if I didn’t have to walk my dogs every day. Get fat, lethargic, clogged energy, and low vibration? When we swing our arms and legs, the rivers in the body flush out. I like to walk through parks, around lakes, and by creeks if I have access to them. The energy of nature is bigger than me and overcomes my bubble until it matches the frequency of the water, forest, and the earth.

I usually clear myself in nature, but if I don’t have time, my dog Arrow will do it for me. If I hug him or place my hand on his chest, I am instantly cleared. If I do this to him I am always sure to let him outside to run around and roll in the grass to then clear himself! If ever you look at your dog and they seem depressed or worried, take them outside to shake off the energy they have taken on from their humans.

In nice weather, I like to stand or sit on dry boulders in or near little waterfalls in the creek. I like to look down at the water as it flows past me and imagine that the sprays of water are the grounding rays of light that shoot out of my feet. As I watch the fast current, I picture that my own energy is also flushing itself from my head and shoulders down through my legs and feet.”

These are just a few of my techniques for keeping myself clear, grounded and connected to the Divine. To read the rest of my tips, sign up for my newsletter at and I will email you a free copy of my e-booklet, How to Clear and Protect Your Energy. 

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