In my work as a medium, I witness people in their grief almost daily. This ranges from just waking from the initial shock of grief, to some thinking they have a handle of it, to others simply stuck in the void. There are many ways to grieve and everyone experiences it in a unique way. However, there are similar aspects to the process of grief that we experience on a human level. Sometimes anger, sometimes sadness, sometimes a deep emptiness. It is clear to me that grief is not a linear process. It can come in waves. The healing happens when we work through our grief. And I am honored to be a part of that healing for so many of you.

But the grief around suicide has additional layers as I discovered through the death by suicide of both my grandmother and my father. My sensitivity to suicide means that I connect with many on the Other Side who want to comfort their friends and family who also died by suicide. You can read the story of Jason & Scott from a previous blog about how a spirit came to me during a Small Group Reading with the urgency to let his mom know that he was okay from his tragic death by suicide.

Through thousands of readings and connecting with Spirits on the Other Side, I have come to understand that suicide is an act of free will. Something that is chosen. You can read more about my understanding of suicide from the Other Side here. Spirits who’ve died by suicide have expressed to me that while it wasn’t their contract to die in that way, they came into life with the potential for suicide; they were predisposed to suicide either because of a hereditary chemical imbalance or because another family member or peer took his or her own life, making suicide an unconscious plausibility, a path to also follow. Either way, what Spirit tells me is that dying by suicide is always an act of free will, and by making this choice, these spirits inevitably find themselves on the other side facing the same difficult work they left behind on Earth. In short, they’re back where they started.

As I reflect on this year’s Survivor Day, I am focused on Truth. And the truth that only LOVE is real and eternal. That our loved ones passed over by suicide are in a place of healing; they are in a place that they can learn their lessons without the heaviness of the Earthly Plane. Today, I say a prayer for the survivors: May you find the understanding, the comfort and the peace you seek.


All Love,



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