Do you ever feel like you’re still in a dream state, even an hour after waking up and starting your day? Or like you’re stumbling around with a hangover, even though you haven’t had anything to drink? This is how I have been feeling for nearly a week—foggy, sleepy, and disoriented. I woke up as if I was hung-over and the mental cobwebs hung on me all day long.

When I went in for my regular appointment with my energy healer, Ariel, she saw it right away. “You’re not in your body,” she said before I had even told her I’d been sleepwalking. “Your energy is all over the place. Let’s pull you back in.”

The Trifecta

You might think it’d be the opposite, but to reach and connect with the higher spirit world (this goes for you and me both), you have to be grounded into your physical body. Your root chakra must be anchored into the Earth before it can open up the crown chakra, which serves as your connection to your intuition and the higher realms.

In other words, when your mental and emotional energy is 100 percent present in your physical body, you are grounded. Our highest point of power is when our mind, body, and spirit are one. This is when we are fully present on a mind level, anchored in our body, and allow our divine light to shine through. Consider it the trifecta! My best readings are when I’m right here, right now.

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Ariel used her healing hands to harness my swirling energy and funnel it back into my physical body. She’s like a tornado chaser, but for spiritual energy. When she was finished, I felt remarkably better. Clear in my head, light in my body, and more full in my heart. I actually felt giddy. And wide awake, finally.

You Try It! Harness Your Energy.

You can harness your energy, too, through a visualization practice. Imagine your energy as a swirl of white light that you pull down from above your head, through the core of your body, down through your legs, out your feet, and that you anchor deep into the Earth. Finish the visualization by saying inwardly or out loud: I am right here, right now, and it is safe to be in my body.

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I make a point of reminding myself that it’s safe to be in my body because the most common reason people ‘pop out’ of their bodies is because it doesn’t feel safe. The reasons for not feeling safe in one’s body vary, but generally people who are empathic and sensitive to energy just can’t handle all the external energy that comes at them every which way, day after day. When external energy begins to pile up on your body, it can feel physically heavy. And really uncomfortable.

Dense energy is foreign to our spirit, which is naturally light and bright. If it comes to a point where your spirit can’t bear the weight, you will seek ways to stop feeling it. This is when many of us choose to numb out by turning to our drug of choice (food, alcohol, sex, social media, shopping, etc.) to distract us from or ease the discomfort. I’m going to assume that you know, or rather feel, what I’m talking about here. Especially today, there’s a heightened level of conflict and fear-based energy swirling around and most of us are feeling it. And if you’re especially sensitive to energy, you’re really feeling it.

Make the Effort to Stay Grounded 

I understand the desire to escape. But the problem with loosing your grounding is that you’re then even more susceptible to feeling blown away by the wind. When you’re not grounded in your body, not only do you cut off your connection to Spirit but also to yourself.

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In an effort to stay grounded and connected, I make a point of getting ‘energetically’ dressed. This is a daily routine, like brushing my teeth. If I skip either one, I feel gross. To get energetically dressed, I do a similar visualization exercise to the one above, but with a very important addition. After I ground my energy into the Earth, I throw on an extra layer of protective light. As I visualize this light wrapping around my body and insulating me from external energy, I repeat: I am connected, protected, guided and directed.

After I left Ariel’s office, I realized that I’d let my daily routine slip and that was likely why I had popped out of my body. I was seeking a release from the external stress, conflict, and fear-based energy that had piled up on me. Now I felt uncovered and free. I felt a surge of positive, love-based energy running through me. As soon as I got home, I found my sons, Jakob and Sam, in the backyard. Without hesitation, I began to chase them through the grass, grounding even deeper into the Earth and in the moment. Right here, right now.

Want More Inspiration and Insight?

Read my latest article on about connecting with your departed loved ones, and if you haven’t already picked up a copy of my latest book, What The Dead Have Taught Me About Living Well, I share more about grounding and reconnecting to Spirit. If you have your insights for releasing sticky energy, I invite you to share it in the comments below. And if you feel guided to share my story with a friend or loved one who may be served by this message, please pass it along!

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  1. I needed this. In readings I am always told that I am floating in the ether. And I definitely believe it when I feel least safe in my body. Thank you.

    Christie Arnold on
  2. Thank you so much for sharing this Rebecca. The moment I started reading this I could relate. I’ve been having a lot of health issues and also still greiving a lot.. I feel exactly the same that I’m in some sort of dream state and not in reality. I will try these exercises.

    Tina Fullen on
  3. I am SO glad you wrote about this, Rebecca. I have been a similar practice for awhile now, something I learned from a wonderful teacher.

    I always include a prayer to Archangel Michael to surround me in his electric blue protective light, and I ground my energy into Gaia through my feet and root chakra. Atop my head I visualize my highest self as a bright ball of light, welcoming it into my entire being, lighting me up and out. In fact, often when I do this meditation with my eyes closed, I begin to believe it is sunny outside even though it may not be! Light filters through my eyelids but perhaps it is coming through my inner perception or third eye.

    This meditation also always seems to automatically lift my head upwards, as if I could not be in this state with my head down 🙂

    I find myself more and more steering steer clear of a lot of social media, politics, certain tv/film experiences as they feel immersed in dense energy. I find more joy in solitude while also having better relationships with family (because I’m more confident in myself). And my dreams have become powerfully vivid — I refer to them as “Metaphors R US”! They show me so many beautiful truths, and I feel my heart expanding along with my trust and ability to listen to what is being said, shown, or felt in meditation.

    I’m glad you mentioned that we can help clear our own energy. Not all of us have access to gifted healers like Ariel, but we do have the ability to help ourselves, and you’ve done a wonderful service explaining how in your article.

    I would also recommend having a Reiki session, even if done only a few times a year. Those big chain-owned massage centers often have a Reiki therapist on staff for very reasonable prices.

    Thanks again for this article — and for all your writing, books, etc. You are a very special light worker in our world 🙂

    kd12 on
  4. Hi Rebecca! I know and practise groundng myself, using techniques very similiar to what you have described. Recently I have developed a neuropathic pain condition called Trigeminal Neuralgia. it is treated with heavy duty drugs. It simply isn’t safe in my body. I know I musn’t let fear rule me, but is so hard to be in my body right now.

    Ruth Gale on
  5. Do you have a recommendation for an energy healer I could go to?

    Sarah Vaughan on

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