The other day I had a heart to heart with God and my Guides. My husband Chris and I are dealing with a frustrating and difficult money situation. Without going into great detail, I’ll just say that a business deal went sideways, leaving us struggling both personally and professionally. I prayed and meditated on our struggle. I asked for Divine intervention to help resolve all the earthly details surrounding it. Unfortunately, my head had already taken over my heart. My fear had become greater than my faith. To be honest, I was feeling really scared and doubtful that the situation would resolve itself, and I was definitely sweating the details.

Ugh. I know better. What spirits on the Other Side communicate time and again is that it’s imperative our faith be greater than our fear if we want to manifest our deepest desires. Easier said than done!

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I continued to pray through my fear. I visualized handing our struggle over to God and my guides.  I prayed, please help me to get out of fear and back into a state of faith. I surrender to what I cannot and do not know. Well, an hour or so later my husband Chris sends me this picture (see below) of a license plate he’d pulled up behind. It read: ULB FNE. I did a double take. These are the exact words my dad used to say to reassure me when I was feeling worried or stressed. “You’ll be fine,” he’d encourage. “Everything’s going to be alright.” I smiled, feeling that Dad was reaching out from beyond. Momentarily, this helped to ease my anxious mind.

Line It Up

Fast forward to three days later. Our financial situation was still hanging in the air. We were waiting on one final “yes” to turn everything around. The clock was literally ticking down. It was the 11th hour, and I was driving home from work feeling super stressed. I took a deep breath and lined it up. I asked God, my Guides, and the Universe to conspire to help us resolve our situation. I asked for their favor. I asked for a miracle. Then, I thanked them for replacing my fear with faith in the unseen plan, and for giving me the strength to get through this life lesson with grace and ease.

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Just thirty seconds later I pull behind the exact same ULB FNE license plate that Chris had seen three days earlier! I started to cry. I intuitively knew that my guides had delivered me an immediate answer to my prayer and to strengthen my faith in the unknown. When we take the time to pray, Spirit delivers signs to let us know they’re listening. I snapped a quick picture and sent it to Chris to reassure him that everything will be alright.

But wait, there is more! A few minutes later, I stopped by the store to pick up a few things for dinner and the total came to $101.44 (see pic below). The number 144 is Chris’s power number. It is the numeric sign he’s asked his guides to use when he needs to be reminded they’ve got his back. Double wow! Within just a few minutes of asking for guidance and support, I received back-to-back validation that our guides are with us. We’re not alone in this messy, wild ride of life! While our financial situation is yet to be resolved, I have renewed trust and faith in the unknown and what is yet-to-be manifested.  

You Try It! Line It Up.

When your head gets in the way and takes you out of a place of faith and into fear, pause and pray. Ask God and your Guides: help me to clear my mind of fearful thinking. Help me to see this differently. Renew my faith and trust that everything will manifest when and just as it should.

Lining it up is a daily practice. Your mind may frequently slip back into fear, as you can see mine does too. When it does, ask again: take me out of fear and renew and strengthen my faith in the unseen plan and the yet-to-be manifested.

Want More Inspiration and Insight?

In my latest book, What The Dead Have Taught Me About Living Well, I share more about how to line it up and how you, too, can be guided day-to-day from beyond. If you already have a story about connecting to the Other Side, I invite you to share it in the comments below. And if you feel guided to share my story with a friend or loved one who may be served by this message, please pass it along!

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  1. Thank you for your story, sending prayers for resolution:)

    Vickie on
  2. I love this post and your real life examples of connection, guidance and love. Thank you for your work and your openness. You’re helping so many and pouring such light into the world.

    Sally on
  3. Thank you for posting your story it helped me stay on track as I felt I was slipping a little today. Currently, I have been dealing with a few “messy life” situations all at one time. It has been overwhelming at times. I’ve been calling upon, what my family affectionately calls “our people”, (our “team spirit”) a lot lately for help. I wanted to share with you what happened to me as I was driving home from work today. I have asked “my people” to communicate with me through double and triple digit angel numbers. I see them on license plates and clocks at the right times to let me know they are hearing me. I was thinking of your blog as I was driving home lost in the thought of one of my “messy life” situations. Then I glance down at the license plate in front of me and this time instead of numbers it read: TRST ME. Could not help but smile and feel very loved. I know God and my guides ….aka “my people” are with me. I will get through these “messy life” situations…..all three of them all at the same time. Life is challenging some times but I know it will all work out as it should. The signs are everywhere, just TRUST! Thank you again for your guidance and light.

    Sue on
  4. I too am facing some stressful situations and have not been talking to God but giving into fear. Your blog came just st the right time! Thank you!

    Rhonda on
  5. Nice! Thank you for the reminders that spirit is always with us:)

    Loly on
  6. Thank you for posting this today, Rebecca! I love love love this story! I have been in a lot of fear lately and I literally prayed this morning for a sign to keep me in faith. I parked my car and looked at my phone and saw this!!! I love when our guides are so quick to respond. Thank you so much for being my messenger and helping me to stay in the light. My vibration instantly shifted and I dont feel the fear anymore. THANK YOU!

    Lisa N. on
  7. I miss you Rebecca! I saw you twice back when you lived in CA and we’re contemplating moving to CO. You shared the story with me of how you were unsure about making the move and then while you were taking a walk, you looked down at the ground and saw a piece of paper that said the word “MOVE” After hearing that I became more aware and pay attention much more often and I too, now get answers handed to me. Not always but occasionally and it’s so inspiring and powerful! Thank you for being you and doing what you do. Much love, Kim in CA

    Kim hicks on
  8. Blessings! Amazing how we all seem to have messy life situations at similar times? Thankyou Rebecca so much for your blog, I am still learning to trust my spiritual team, especially lately as I have been unsure of whether I will be “taken care of” financially or not (I’m a stay at home mum presently) its not easy for a control freak like me, but I am certainly learning to let go & let God. Thankyou again….

    Tisha on
  9. Thanks for sharing, your struggles, I turned 78 today, my dad died at age 78 40yrs ago. Well dad has been with me all week. Showing me some of his favorite scriptures, he would quote to me when wanted me to listen to his advice. Thanks dad and my other guides.
    Earl Jr.

    Earl Harris on
  10. I am also going through a similar situation, and have let fear taken over. Thankyou for sharing !

    Pam on
  11. Hello Rebecca: what I love about your story & predicament, is that as of now, things have not been all wrapped up in a neat package for you…YET!

    The valuable part is that you are consciously entering a state of faith and acceptance. This is also the hard part. It all sounds good on paper to us when we read about spiritual approaches to life’s lessons, but very challenging to walk the walk. Bright blessings to you and I hope it all works out wonderfully. Thank you for sharing this.


    Ann on

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