Energy never dies, it just changes form. People always ask how I am able to communicate with the dead and it deals with the vibrational frequencies of energy.

The Spirits have to lower their energy and a medium has to raise their energy to find the sweet spot. Watch my newest video to learn more!


  1. I have been telling people almost exactly what you stated in your video for years. Interpretation is subjective and subject to human error or misinterpretation. Why is it the greatest chef in Europe can ruin a dinner every now and then, but a psychic /medium is expected to 100% or they are frauds?

    I had a long reading with you about 10 years ago and you are still in touch with a wonderful lady, Sally, in Pinehurst. I enjoy watching you grow both as a medium, woman and mother. Thank you for all you do!

    Deborah Myatt on

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