Spirited Friends, this week’s blog was contributed by my Executive Assistant and Business Manager, Jacqueline Sene. Jacqueline travels with me to all of my events and gets to witness all the powerful validations before, during, and after the event. I asked her to write this blog to give all of you a behind the scenes, bystander view of the validations at my events.

Hi Everyone, my name is Jacqueline Sene! I have the privilege of being Rebecca’s Executive Assistant and Business Manager. My day-to-day role is about filling in wherever and doing whatever, Rebecca may need from me in the moment.

Rebecca is currently on her new book tour for What the Dead Have Taught Me About Living Well and that means I travel with her. For three years now, I’ve assisted her on the road as she shares her inspiring gift with audiences all over the country seeking a connection from beyond.  I continue to be surprised by how every audience has its own unique stories, yet all the messages from Spirit are universal. Each audience brings unique energy, but always the desire to connect with the departed.

Behind the Scenes

Working behind the scenes at these events, I have my own personal rituals as well. An hour before we open the doors, I help to smudge the space with sage and clear the air of any lingering energy that may interrupt Rebecca’s connection to Spirit. I set my own intention to connect with my Guides, Deceased Loved Ones, and Angels because it’s important that my energy and communication is clear. When I introduce Rebecca, I take a few moments to go inward and ask Archangel Gabriel to give me the words needed to best explain how Spirit communication works and what you can expect over the next two hours. I choose Archangel Gabriel because he’s known as the communicator and she often sees him around me.

Recently in Los Angeles, we cranked our happy playlist to raise the positive energy of the room. I immediately felt that this audience already had an open energy to the messages that were to come. The Los Angeles audience filled in and took their seats with an air of hopefulness and positivity. As each new audience member walked in, I could feel their open hearts. I know from experience that when the energetic vibration of the audience is high, the readings flow much easier, allowing Rebecca to deliver an abundance of validations and signs from beyond.

Aidan and Ainsley

Sure enough, the overall mood of the evening was uplifting. Many spirits came through with humor and joy. There were several moments when the messages delivered from the Other Side inspired laughter throughout the room. Rebecca and Spirit validated what I often hear that when we emit positive energy, we raise our overall vibration and the ability to connect with higher insights and signs from beyond. And secondly, while grief can be overwhelming, our Deceased Loved Ones want us to celebrate their time with us. And of course, Rebecca channeled several spirits in Los Angeles who expressed gratitude that their lives were being honored rather than mourned.

A connection that exemplified this validation started at the beginning of the readings. At each event, Rebecca meditates on two numbers that intuitively come to her to give two audience members shirts from her Divine Direction shop. During the guided meditation in L.A., Rebecca received a message from two sons that had recently passed and she trusted that the message would soon become clear. As the event went on, Rebecca started reading a family that had recently, as in two months ago recently, lost both their sons in the same car accident. There it was. The validation of the two sons became clear.

It was obvious to the audience that this family was receiving the much-needed healing messages from their sons. However, the main message from the sons was to celebrate their life here on Earth. They wanted their family to paint their old band touring van and drive it around to continue to light up the world. Aidan and Ainsley wanted their parents, siblings, and friends to know they were all good on the Other Side. They are still with them and want their memories to bring them all smiles. They asked their friends to get tattoos as a reminder of what they to their lives. Again, celebrate the life they lived and not the life they didn’t.

Positive Energy is Contagious

As you walk through your day ahead, look for opportunities to celebrate not only your own life but those who have gone before you. Los Angeles provided amazing validation that when you raise the energy of your spirit, you raise the vibration of those around you increasing the good vibes in the world and create an open connection to the Other Side. Rebecca is truly a bridge between worlds that teaches us we are not alone and we all have our own ability to make a connection with Spirit.

To experience signs and validations live and for yourself, click here to learn more about the rest of Rebecca’s Living Well Tour! And if you’ve already attended a large or small audience event, share your experience in the comments below. How did you feel the energy in the room?

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  1. I attended one of Rebeccas small group events in Denver 15 years ago after hearing about her. I had the fist reading in which my son, dad & brother in law all came in together! Even more amazing was that they brought another young man with them so he could give messages to his then unbelieving family who were in the audience! I felt the room full of love & light, seeping in Spirit!

    Marlene LeClaire on
  2. Do you ever do small group or private readings in Omaha?

    Debbie Douglas on

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