I kicked off my spring tour with a Large Audience Event in Denver last week. It was definitely full of Spirit! Literally. The minute I walked into the historic Paramount Theater, I could feel the many ghosts in the building. For me, that’s not a spooky thing…in fact, I felt right at home! Mainly because I know that ghosts are generally harmless. They simply hang around a place because they are unwilling to fully cross over to the other side. This happens for a variety of reasons and the ghosts really just want the attention of the living people that come and go. I choose to work with the spirits that are no longer ghosts. Ghosts are trapped between this world and Heaven. I invite communication from those souls who are happily crossed over and residing on the other side. So, at the beginning of the night, I called out the ghosts and told them to go away and we don’t welcome them in our audience reading portion of the night. Well, the joke was on me at that point!

The ghosts obviously decided to let us know who was the boss and proceeded to mess with the house lights. This dim lighting wasn’t the full bright light that I requested to stay on for the greater portion of the night as I like to see the audience members as I connect them with their Deceased Loved Ones. The light tech that runs the stage lighting for all events, and does this day in and day out, could not figure out what was going on. She rallied a few other employees to help her try and get to the bottom of it, even bringing in a backup generator with no success. After over a half hour of racing around panicking and trying everything, they finally gave up.

Then 30 minutes into the audience readings, the lights popped back on, all by themselves! At that point, I had no idea what had been going on other than I could not figure out why it was so dimly lit. After the staff had given up on trying to fix the lights, five minutes later they turned back on without anyone touching anything! I then said, “wow…Spirits messing with the light! Thanks, Angels for fixing it!” And it was only after the event that my staff filled me in on the drama. They blamed the ghosts being mischievous, as did I! All that said, it was still a fantastic night of many strong and powerful readings and healing connection with Spirit.

Carol’s Message

Every Large Audience Event is full of stories. Stories of people’s grief and then validations that their loved ones are still with them. There was one story that particularly stood out to me from the Denver event. Especially after the event because I am fortunate enough to get the full circle follow-up validation on some messages that come through.  Mid-way through the event, I asked if someone had a mom-figure named Carol that died recently. Two hands went up, and after going back and forth with the spirit of Carol and the audience members, I finally deducted which one it belonged to. It was a young man who came with his wife. I told him that his mom was a very evolved and enlightened soul, who was working with younger, troubled souls on the other-side, just like she was good at in life. I then said she’s standing here with a young spirit named “Danny”.  A man a couple rows in front of him stood up and exclaimed that his daughter “Dani” (short for Danielle) had died not too long ago by suicide. It then became clear that Carol, amongst the many things she was doing in Heaven, was helping to bring through this younger soul. The son said that in life, his mom was a counselor, and worked with many younger people, so it made perfect sense. (Like I always say, we pick up where we left off in life!)

I then told him there was irony and yet “divine timing” around his mother’s death, and that it was divinely perfect according to God’s plan…her death date fell on or around a birthday. He shared that she was hit by a car on her 80th birthday just 3 weeks ago!!! Wow! What the spirits have taught me is that anytime a soul dies within 30 days (give or take) of their birthday, it means they came full circle with their life’s plan and finished what they came to earth to do. In this case, his earth angel mother had done her work and lived a full and good life. She was clearly done and ready to move on, back into the pure positive energy of Heaven. This seemed to bring this young man some relief from his sadness over losing his mom.

His mom went on to mention someone living named “John”. That was her husband, this man’s father, who was still alive, yet struggling. She reassured her son that she was well and good, and to pass the message on to his dad, who it sounded like was very much in need. I then asked his wife what Carol meant by her using the recipes and/or writing a recipe book. She had no clue what I was referring to. I pushed it a few times because Carol kept showing me the cooking and recipe signs in my head. Still, clueless.

I moved on and asked him why I was seeing the Governor, and he about fell over as he shared with the crowd, “Well, that’s because I WORK FOR THE GOVERNOR!” Ha! Mom was just trying to really drive home that this was her. Finally, her last attempt to prove her existence to her son was when I told them she’s mentioning “white feathers”, being a sign sent from her, serving as breadcrumbs from beyond (a.k.a. a sign). He and his wife had no clue what I was talking about. But Carol’s spirit was relentless. She KEPT pushing me to bug them about the feather sign. They kept saying, “Rebecca, we have no clue what she’s referring to.” So I left it at “Let’s not make it fit” and trust that it WILL come to make sense one day soon when it happens. After two decades of developing my mediumship muscle, I have learned to trust spirit messages. Sometimes they don’t make sense until after the readings. Although audience members don’t always get the after story, over and over, I hear about the validations that happen within several days of the events.

Divine Timing

Well, that one day soon turned out to be a couple hours later, when I got a text from a friend who was there as well. It read:

“You were so on tonight. I will have to tell you the whole story but the guy who stood up where his 80-year-old mother was killed on her birthday by a car was my friend. His wife is someone who you talked to years ago at my house about writing a book. His mom kept talking about his wife and ‘recipes’ and they didn’t get it. I told them tonight before the show that every package of soup comes with a recipe…and it wasn’t until after the show that it hit them! His mom was listening in on our conversation.  As soon as I walked in the door tonight, they called me. Right when they walked in their new house tonight, there was a WHITE FEATHER sitting at the top of their stairs. They lost it… in a sweet way. You have a gift.”

Attached was a photo of a perfect white feather!

Wow. The spirit of Carol was letting them know that there would be a special gift waiting for them when they returned home…a sign of their angel mother with them wherever they go! I love it when spirits follow through with their promise to stay connected and keep showing us signs of their loving presence beside us. If reading this blog gave you the chills, (angel bumps as I like to call it), or an overwhelming sense of hope, peace, and calm, then consider it a sign from your Team Spirit. Your Departed Loved Ones, Angels, and Spirit Guides are constantly with you. They are always available to throw you a few breadcrumbs along your path as well, just to reassure you that they are right there with you and all is well. So go ahead, and ask! Invite them in and then let go, and know that in Divine timing, you too will have your AHA moment!

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  1. Hello, Just wanted to tell you that I went to your last seminar in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan January 21. I went with my sister, granddaughter and friend. This was my third time. Even though Rebecca didn’t call on me I enjoyed being at her seminar. I lost my son Scott July 12, 2012 and was hoping I would get a connection, but I know it doesn’t always happen.

    Just wanted to tell you that I enjoyed your seminar.

    Sandra Weisl on
  2. Hello
    I’m wondering when you’ll be making your way to the Pacific Northwest?! I have so many questions!!!

    Katrina Timmen on

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