The Goal of Our Lives is Not Perfection

It’s easy to use a to-do list to measure our successes or find a sense of accomplishment. Scratching an item off a list keeps us on task and creates a sense of progress. However, what I’ve heard from spirits is that while this is good and well, constantly working to just get through a list distracts us from being truly present and accomplishing what we are here on earth to do and be. I explain more about this concept and how spirits have inspired me to move away from my to-do list, in this excerpt from What the Dead Have Taught Me About Living Well.

“Spirits communicate that the end goal of our lives is not perfection, completion or scratching everything off our lists; rather, it is about setting our intention and effort to do our best along the way. Quality over quantity. That’s how we find balance. The quality of attention and care we pay towards the lessons and plans we set up to learn in our lifetimes is what matters most. But instead, most of us focus on quantity—how much we can get done, and how quickly. The result is a life that feels like a mad dash where we rush from one location, promotion, relationship and milestone moment to the next. This race, Spirit assures me, is not the pace we should strive for. In readings, spirits often show me a turtle, my sign for ‘slow down.’ My guides relay that when we hurry through the days of our lives, not only do we struggle and beat ourselves up unnecessarily when we don’t accomplish all we set out to do, but our haste causes us to miss what’s most important—being present and showing up in loving service for the people in our lives. Spirits are constantly extending their apologies to their partners, children and friends for not giving them more attention and love when they had the chance. They also express regret for not doing more to nurture and enjoy themselves while they were here.

Furthermore, when we’re constantly on auto pilot, going through the motions to do more, get more and be more, we sometimes miss the bigger lessons we’re meant to learn in our lifetimes like, paradoxically, surrender, patience and faith in something bigger than ourselves. When we sidestep these lessons, guess what? They wait for us on the Other Side. In other words, they’re still on your To-Do list! So we each might as well take our time and be thoughtful, caring and thorough in whatever we do, and only then, move on to the next big thing.”

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