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Ariel Hardy, Energy Healer

This week’s blog post was written by my dear friend and personal energy healer, Ariel Hardy. Ariel has practiced energy healing work since 1996, and enjoys making instructional videos to teach others how she does her work. She has been guided from within and by her Spirit Guides and Angels to do this work. In her sessions, Ariel acts as a conduit of healing light between Source and the Earth, repairing and clearing clients’ energy fields. Here, Ariel shares a bit about how we came to know, trust and admire one another. I hope you enjoy Ariel’s blog post!

In 2006, I met a massage therapist who also installed security systems for houses. He had installed an alarm for this medium who had just moved to Denver, and kept pushing me to go see her. So, I finally gave in and went to see her. When I walked into Rebecca Rosen’s office, I just assumed that my Guides were sending me there to work with Rebecca in some way, because I really had no dead people to hear from except two grandparents. When I told Rebecca who sent me and that I am an energy healer, she said, “Omg. I will call you later”. She proceeded to do an amazing reading where she actually spent most of the session speaking to me directly from my Spirit Guides, with only a few minutes relaying messages from dead people in the family from generations before me. (My mom later validated all of the names!) Later, Rebecca called me and said, “Just this morning, I prayed and asked for an energy healer! My father committed suicide 5 days before you walked into my office.” Rebecca and I have worked together ever since.

Time for an Energy Cleansing?

Since 2006, Rebecca has done many channelings and readings for me, guiding me through thick and thin in this thing called Life. And I, in turn, became Rebecca’s energy healer as she makes her way as a spiritual leader, but also as a human on the planet. When I asked Rebecca how she knows when to call in for an energy healing session, she said that she “feels covered”. Meaning, she can feel when negative energy from other people or spirits has gotten attached to her electromagnetic field, or energy bubble, around her body. The way that she knows that this has happened, is that she may feel “grumpy, irritated, or tired.” All of us feel these things, but we may not put it together that it’s just heavy energy globbed onto us and that we need to call our energy healer! Rebecca said that another sign that shows her she needs cleared, is that her “speech or thoughts become negative”.  She said that she feels “emotionally pent up, like she needs to cry but can’t”. The cool thing about Rebecca is that she doesn’t just accept these feelings as okay to live with day in and day out, but recognizes that it’s all just energetic and that a simple energy clearing will reset her. (There just might be another book coming out by Rebecca on exactly how she navigates this Earth plane… you did not hear this from me!)

Rebecca knows well how great we can feel as a spiritual being in human form and is not willing to put up with a low vibrational existence. She uses my energy healing work as one of her tools to keep bringing her back to center and back to her spirit through all of life’s ups and downs. When I asked Rebecca what she feels after these sessions, she said that she feels “much lighter” and that all “mind clutter is calmed”. She said that “her body feels more energized” and that “her spirit feels more connected to Source and inspired”. She feels “a huge release and recharge”.

Before I close, let’s all visualize, right now, sending Rebecca Rosen a spark of magical light and happiness on her maternity leave! (And believe me, she will feel it!)

If you feel any of the symptoms that Rebecca has described, and want to feel more pure and clear, you can request a long distance session through my Contact Us page on my website, arielenergyhealer.com. I will be writing another blog for Rebecca this month on what exactly I do in an energy healing session. You can also hear more about my style of energy work and teachings on my radio show, called Energetically Speaking on VoiceAmerica 7th Wave Channel. I invite you to listen to the show, live, every Monday at 2 p.m. MT, starting June 13, 2016 or you can download the recorded show at any time from their site or mine.  

Check back throughout the month for more posts from Ariel Hardy. You can also watch this video Ariel and I recorded last year, during which we discuss energy healing.


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