Last month I introduced you to my friend and Team Spirit member Dr. Diana Alba. Today I’m happy to introduce you to my Energy Healer, Ariel Hardy.

I always say that my work is only a piece of the puzzle, this is why I created my Team Spirit. I created Team Spirit to bring in other resources for people to use based on what they need, to find their highest healing and live their best life. Recently I sat down with Ariel Hardy, a member of my Team Spirit, to discuss her work as an Energy Healer. I’ve personally been working with Ariel for about nine years. Back then, I made a vow with God and my guides. I said if I was going to do this work that I do as a medium, I needed somebody that was going to help me and work with me to stay clear so that I could remain a pure vessel and avoid projecting my “human stuff” on to the work that I do through readings. Ariel has helped me so much in that way. The feeling I have each time I walk out of a session with Ariel is validation for me of the power of her work.

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I hope you enjoy watching this video! To learn more about Ariel Hardy, visit my Team Spirit page, or visit her website here: Ariel Hardy.


  1. All day…I could listen to your insight forever. That was amazing “meeting” Aeriel Hardy” and learning what an energy healer does! Thank you for sharing…thank you so much!

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