I’m excited to share with you the first of what is sure to be many video blogsor VLOGsthat I intend to use to share many insights and special guests. In this VLOG I’ll introduce you to my friend Dr. Diana Alba.

I always say that my work is only a piece of the puzzle. This is why I created my Team Spirit, to bring in other resources for people to use based on what they need, to find their highest healing and live their best life. I sat down with Dr. Diana Alba, a member of my Team Spirit, to discuss her work and the mind, body, spirit—or “Trinity”—connection. Through her work, Diana focuses on finding solutions for balancing the Trinity. She utilizes a number of practices and teachings including naturopathy, homeopathy, thermography, energy healing, and more. Diana believes that when each of these three areas are addressed simultaneously, we can then restore our joy, health, and purpose. Her goal is to teach, educate, and heal clients, then set them free with the tools they need to heal themselves.

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I hope you enjoy watching this video as much as we enjoyed filming it! To learn more about Dr. Diana Alba, visit my Team Spirit page, or visit her website here: Pristine Health.

Have you experienced the power of a mind, body, spirit connection? Do you crave more balance among these three areas? Share your stories or thoughts below!


  1. Hi Diana i was just checking to see if you are taking clients again? I miss you and need you :]
    I was trying to order some supplements can I get the info from you please . Thank you
    Tina Ingerson 303-888-7023

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